Video Production Services

The pathway to great video marketing is the framework that streamlines video production services and helps measure your return on investment.


Video Marketing Strategy

Start the framework for delivering consistent and relevant video content.

Production Management

Steer the production toward meeting your expectations.

Script Writing

Stay on message with a script that appeals to the language of your audience.

On Camera Training

Better connect to your viewers with skills of a professional presenter.

Video Production

This is the technical execution of the video as prepared in the project plan.


Streamline delivery with valuable tools to easily display your videos online.


Prove the value of your video marketing by monitoring each video’s performance.

No other video service provides this much value.

If you want to know how to create the best corporate videos for your company. You need to understand how to deliver relevant video content that appeals to precisely the right audience at the right times.

Video Production Services
How much does a corporate video cost?

Video solutions start from $1500 up to tens of thousands.

What is the turn around time to create a video?

On average, 2-6 weeks from when the project has been green lit. Less for stand alone video production services.

How do I get started and what's involved?

Meet with our Video Marketing Specialists. They will help you determine who does what based on a defined brief.

“Ridge Films have shown me how to nurture prospective clients with different videos, that bring them closer to becoming clients.”

Lyle Greig

Financial Planner, Bridges Financial Services

“What a great experience filming in the studio, absolute professionals. Ridge Films are not your average film company.”

Ben Percey

National Client Manager, INTREC Management

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Learn How Video Marketing Can Help You!

Create a video for every marketing challenge and enquire about our video production services.

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5 Minute Video Transformation

5 Minute Video Transformation

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