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The Results

With a corporate video package like this ‘Personal Profile’ video solution, you get a video digital marketing plan that highlights the benefits you offer, delivers valuable information and influences prospects to buy faster. The (awareness) video achieves an unbelievable 95% engagement and the entire audience watched for almost 26 seconds. The best part of this professional video is it costs only $1500.

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We’ve help 1000’s of clients simplify their video digital marketing using our professional video services, now it’s your turn!


“Very professional and patient. There was a lot more to making a video than I thought, so I really appreciated the support and help.”

Philip Howman

Founder, Allevo

“Ridge Films did a wonderful job helping us to create a professional profile video which clearly articulates our key values and the benefits of our service.”

Amber Hopkins

Solicitor, McDermott & Associates

“Ridge Films have shown me how to nurture prospective clients with different videos, that bring them closer to becoming clients.”

Lyle Greig

Financial Planner, Bridges

“The filming and the final delivery went off without a hitch and without any complications for us. A great service…thank you!”

Andrew Laurie

Chairman, Realize Coaching

“Ridge Films certainly helped us create a fabulous advert… I want to switch careers now and be an actress”

Rachel Dorman

Director, Shire Hearing Centres

“They want to see our business grow and continually adapt to a changing market using their video marketing solutions.”

Dan Blatch

Director, Life Risk Specialist, IMFG

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