Upcoming Event: How to Present Personalised Videos to Hook Prospects Attention, and Shorten Sales Cycles

video marketing virtual events Apr 26, 2021

Growth Gen's exciting Live Virtual Summit for SME's is full of insightful speakers that will inspire you to push your business in the right direction. Combining mindful training and strong business acumen, GG quarterly summit is back in May.

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GG is back with another exciting line-up of speakers, panel, workshops and interactive sessions that offer key inputs and outputs for your business. From video marketing that generates leads to a workable wellness workshop that offers great tips on how to keep up with the pace of business

If you're committed to surviving the inevitable transition to video, improving On-Camera Presentation skills is a mission-critical priority!

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Today, sales access to prospects is at an all-time low, with prospects refusing to interact with salespeople. If you’re finding it difficult to book meetings with prospects, there is a better way. In this workshop, Chris will show you how to use personalised videos to pivot and prosper in this new world. You’ll discover how to: 

  • Position videos in your business to exceed the expectations of today’s buyer
  • Lead yourself through adversity & overcome your on screen phobia
  • Become an exemplary video leader who influences decisive action

Register Now for the GG LIVE VIRTUAL SUMMIT

If you want to learn ways to present personalised videos to hook prospects attention, and shorten sales cycles, we've got 4 FREE tickets, but you must act now. Email [email protected] to claim your ticket

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