How often do we talk without knowing we are even giving a testimonial? “They came to my house and even took off their shoes”. I think you will find in your personal life it’s pretty common. In business, it’s true that your next customer believes what your existing customers say about you.

How do we define company video testimonials?

Video Testimonials are very short stories (sound bites if you like) from happy clients filmed ideally at their place of business, who are interviewed on their overarching experience using your company. They should remove any doubt in your buyer’s decision and help them feel like they are making a great decision in choosing your company.

People will observe the actions of others speaking publicly on your behalf and think I can relate to him or her I understand their opinion, and now I’m going to make the same choices.

Here’re a couple of secrets when filming testimonials

Use Influencers if possible – Happy people who fit your exact target demographic

Brief your client beforehand – Make sure they understand that this is not a promotion for their company.

Work on the story – Listen to the story they are trying to tell and make sure it continually demonstrate the value and benefits of your organisation.

Keep it short – A good testimonial shouldn’t need to go for more than 60 Seconds

Pick your top clients – People who get what your company is about, the culture, mission or have a deep understanding of your product or service. Ask to film your interviewee, with the expectation you may only use the best parts, no matter how short.



I find I usually get about an 80% success rate from interviews whether they have been on camera or not. Some struggle to articulate the message clearly, while others battle with nerves.

Why Video testimonials and not just written ones?

People use faces to determine the reliability of the source. They obviously gravitate towards video because it’s easier and faster than reading text. The shorter videos mean the audience is more inclined to watch it because they’re quickly looking for nuances to help them understand whether you are right for them. Text to still important but you should make sure that your testimonials are short and easy to read, like this one.

“The real value of Ridge Films is they’re measuring how successful the video is.”

Lyle Greig, Financial Planner Bridges Financial Services

Video testimonials are great at doing a couple of things; overcoming a few critical areas of concern of scepticism within your industry and showcasing the culture and the environment of your organisation. The best part about theset types of videos is they are hard to replicate. Filming testimonials at your client’s place of business may take extra effort, but they are well worth it. So get out to your clients offices and film their wonderful words, portrait that authentic message you deserve and grow your video testimonial library.

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