Ep47: (Part 1/2) Nailing Live Video to Become a Content Repurposing Master with Rebecca Saunders

Running a well-curated live-streamed virtual event takes a lot more than just hitting LIVE on Facebook, YouTube, Zoom, or Teams. There are a lot of moving parts to pull off a successful live virtual event and this could be a project that is pretty daunting.

In this episode, Chris Schwager (Video Marketer from Ridge Films) sits down with Rebecca Saunders (Strategic Video Expert from Pyrmont Studio).  Learn how you can nail live virtual events and ensure it makes the right impact. Find out why taking the time to nail the delivery in a virtual format will help keep your attendees engaged and interested in your content.

Highlights of this episode:
[04:43] Three types of live events
[07:40] Problems Virtual Events can solve
[08:39] Behind the scenes, logistics and preparation
[12:50] The process for a live event

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