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Our explainer video production company uses creative animation videos to illustrate the complexities of your processes, products or services by combining a simple human video explanation supported by a meaningful animation on video.

Develop new business faster by helping potential buyers fly through complex processes.

And access the services you need to better connect with your audience.

Video Script Writing

Collaborate on the script and use an authentic language designed to stay on message.

explainer video production company

Video Production

Achieve a high-quality output using simple processes that get the most from your animated informational videos.

Video Analytics

Get unbelievable results from in-depth analytics that track every part of your animated informational videos.

You get our full suite of services for your creative animation videos.

There’s no other explainer video production company that provides this much value.

Video Production Services
How do I choose the right animated informational videos?
If you’re looking for a company who produces animated informational videos and focuses not only on great creative output but also marketing ROI, then Ridge Films is for you. A lot of business make decisions about the type of video they need before understanding the type of video that suites the business problem, they’re trying to solve.
What is the turn around for creative animation videos ?

On average, 2-6 weeks from when the project has been green-lit. Animation needs thorough, scripting, planning and documentation for it to stay on schedule.

How do I get an animation on video?

Contact one of our Video Marketing Specialists. They will help determine a video solution that’s right for you, based on a well-defined brief. We will help you step by step through the entire process to ensure you get the highest quality video explanation possible.

Case Study

Great guys to work with – they’ve backed up everything they’ve said with results.

Paul Blanket

Principal, First Impressions



Day Turnaround


Lead Time / Days

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Paul needed a series of creative animation videos that influenced the buying decision of blue collar workers in the oil and gas industry. Also significantly reduce sales time and increase conversions by clearly conveying the business value proposition and explaining complicated products or services quickly. Tell their story in an entertaining and helpful way. The would then help the buyer by minimising confusing processes and complicated product explanations to satisfy they audience and improve the understanding of the business. The aim was to combine human, auditory, graphical elements and a video explanation that communicates more clearly than any other medium.

Providing Valuable Information

By identifying their client’s frustrations, they removed the guesswork and effectively showed their audience what the CAPE brand and client experience is all about. They make it easy for them to repeatedly buy and help them to make better connections with potential clients by enabling an awakening if you like to simplify and improve explanations, limiting them to the most important things.

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