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A Client Case Study video, will identify with your prospects through real human stories, that prove your worth and show how you have helped others. View Portfolio


Provide social proof that you can truly deliver the outcomes you say you can.

Get the help you need in your case study video to better connect with your audience.

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Video Script Writing

Collaborate on the script and formulate questions designed to stay on message to create powerful motivational sales videos.

Video Production

Achieve a high-quality output using simple processes that get the most from your interviews. Learn from other case study video examples.

Video Analytics

Get your best case study videos using unbelievable results from in-depth analytics that track every part of your video.

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motivational videos for business
How do I choose the right client to interview for my case study video?
First let’s help you understand how the process works, step-by-step. We’ll then coordinate what is needed to plan, prepare and film your clients interview. Watch case study video examples and learn from others who have created motivational videos for business.
What is the turn around time for a case study video?
On average, a case study video takes 2-6 weeks to complete from when the project has been green lit.
How do I get started and what's involved in making a case study video?
Firstly, one of our Video Marketing Specialists will help ensure this video solution is right for you, based on a well-defined brief. From there we’ll guide your through the entire process, end-to-end. A case study video provides motivation, get prospective clients excited and they should have the appropriate scripting to ensure the messages are valuable.

Case Study

I’ve worked with Ridge a number of times for Simply and without doubt scripting is massive, I think I know what I’m doing when it comes to content, but Chris took my script (questions) and ripped it to pieces (in a good way). I was much much happier with the result. A video without a professionally written script is a home video in my opinion…and doomed! These guys are the experts don’t try this at home kids!. Dan Proctor

General Manager, Simply CRO

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Solved A Challenge

Dan needed to clearly explain the challenge and the solution to prospective clients with best case study videos to resonate with the audience, rather than long written case studies that are hard to read. “It needed to show that our clients suffer from the same challenges they face and our offering is the solution.” These motivational sales videos needed to be a simple and consistent way to reinforce the true value of their organisation, while showing them as credible, trustworthy and helpful.

Improved Conversion Rates

The 2 case study video clips that were produced served as motivational sales videos, like indirect endorsements and provided the social proof that they can truly deliver the outcomes they say they can, in less than 90 seconds. They maximised their results by creating a cascade of case study video examples to close deals across all verticals, industries, and personas. These have been the best case study videos because they are used during sales meetings, in blog posts, email campaigns and on their website.

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