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An FAQ video builds confidence, trust and credibility by anticipating client concerns and answering questions with a video response to your product or service, professionally and promptly. View Portfolio


Humanised video response available 24/7 to your client’s questions.

And access the services you need to better connect with your audience.

Video Script Writing

Collaborate on the script and use an authentic language in your faq video designed to stay on message.

On-Camera Training

Achieve a performance with your faq video that is confident, authentic and well-rehearsed.

Video Analytics

Get unbelievable results from your faq video with in-depth analytics that track every part of your video.

You get our full suite of services to create a great tutorial video production.

There’s no other tutorial video production company that provides this much value.

tutorial video ideas
Where can I get more faq video ideas?

A faq video production or video response should start with some examples of great tutorial video ideas to get you inspired. We can help you define your brief and make sure you’re getting the right tutorial video ideas for your business.

What is the turn around for a faq video?

On average, 2-6 weeks from when the project has been green-lit. Your video production budget will stretch further filming a video response series to maximise your ROI.

What do I need to do when producing a FAQ video?

You can have as much involvement as you like. Contact one of our Video Marketing Specialists and they will help determine a FAQ Video that’s right for you within your video production budget, based on a well-defined brief. Keep in mind video response engagement is a big factor in holding audience attention, and adding a little bit of humour by answering questions directly and personally will reduce any perceived risks associated with the purchase.

Case Study

We recently completed a project with Chris and Brendan from Ridge Films and we are absolutely thrilled with the outcome. They were able to execute on time and budget, delivering above and beyond our expectations. Every step of the process was dealt with in a professional and diligent manner. I will definitely be engaging with Ridge Films for any upcoming film work. Thanks again guys!

Vanessa Ortolan

Marketing Coordinator, BigAir



Day Turnaround


Lead Time / Days

faq video


A video response needed to cover off the key features and the value in working with Vanessa, succinctly, in terms, the audience will understand. Replace boring website text with an authentic, personal and thorough response that will reduce sales conversion time and quickly help progress the buyer’s journey. Make a human connection and support client’s in an easy to access format within a video production budget.

Providing Valuable Information

The FAQ Video series assists buyers by replying to emailed questions with a suite of video response clips that includes a sales message for quicker conversion, altering each video response as the need arises. Set themselves apart from competitors by displaying that they are very much a customer-centric business.

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