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How To Videos

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How To Videos
Do you do how to videos for YouTube?
Yes, we can produce how to videos for Youtube, but firstly, Youtube is simply where the video will be hosted. First develope a video strategy and learning what how to videos to make. This with help in determining some clear goals, so you have an understanding where the videos will live and how people will be watching them. E.g through your website, email, YouTube or offline.
What is the turn around for how to videos ?
The best how to videos take on average, 2-6 weeks to produce from when the project has been green-lit. The process of making how to videos is easy when there is a clear strategy is in place. We help you every step of your jeorney.
What do I need to get started with educational video production and what's involved?
Contact one of our Video Marketing Specialists. They will help determine a product video solution that’s right for you, based on a well-defined brief. The best how to videos reply on good planning and lining up the right resources, experts and time to execute the how to videos.

Case Study

You guys are great! Thanks for the super fast delivery of our project. You make the processes so easy. I particularly like the online approval process. Keep up the great work. Jay Clarke

WHS Manager Production and Logistics, News Corp Australia



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How To Videos


It’s easier to learn how to use a product when an expert shows you how. Johnny needed to know how to make videos that would deepen relationships by re-laying easy step-by-step instructions on how to assemble, install and maintain their products, so their buyers can enjoy trouble-free use. They needed to support their learning with clear demonstrations, graphical elements, in a straightforward conversational language. Giving hints and tips along the way to add extra value. These need to also work in various languages, Italian, French, Portuguese and Spanish with alternate versions of the call to action, titles & voice over.

Providing Valuable Information

These how to youtube videos unlock information faster and are more cost-effective than any other method of transferring knowledge. It allows them to leverage this information across their family of products and influence sales of other products by being helpful.

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