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Christmas Videos are short intimate messages that show your team, culture and appreciation of your clients, during the holiday season. View Portfolio

Let your competition send cards, while you leave a personalised Christmas video.

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What other christmas video ideas do you have?
Funny Christmas videos stem from the culture of the organisation and/or your mission. They will help build trust faster by showing behind the scenes of your organisation and that you do really care about your clients. A culture video like this should never be about you, but how your clients have helped improve your bottom line. Call us if you need more culture video ideas.
When should I have my culture video ready?
On average, a culture video like this takes 2-6 weeks from when the project has been green-lit. Book in as early as you can, Christmas comes around fast and you want to be ready to launch in November. Take into account, not just the video production, but the strategy behind producing it and how/when your deliver the Merry Christmas Video.
Can I use my Merry Christmas video more than once?
Yes, but for a couple of months, it’s a great idea to run the video where ever you have the chance. This is an opportunity to refashion peoples perception of you and/or the value you bring. A powerful Merry Christmas video, is a perfect way to grab attention and reconnect them to you and your business. Funny Christmas videos that achieve an emotional reaction and make the audience feel loved, is the best gift you can give.

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Passionate, creative and eager to make a difference to businesses through video marketing!
Claudia Thacker

Marketing Coordinator, 4mation Technologies

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Christmas Videos


Personalised merry Christmas videos act as culture videos. This not only helped Simon take control of awkward relationships, for instance, Simon said “One customer didn’t know we were closed for Christmas, and his who family was waiting at the door”. The next year he provided this video with important information in a fun and creative way. The challenge is always, “how do we stand out from China Town”, Simon said. Every year, using Christmas videos need to not only improve retention but need to remind customers of the personalised customer experience they get when they dine at the restaurant. The ultimate goal is to set him apart from the competition. 

Improved Awareness

Rather than send a boring Christmas card or newsletter and get no response, Fortune Village generated and amazing buzz from the funny Christmas videos, and in the process reconnected with old customers. The clip helped to put a face to the company. A simple Merry Christmas video built that trust again and changed the perceptions of the food, service and the experience clients have.

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