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A Vox Pop video is filmed during your event and is a classic way to engage clients unable to attend, in less than 90 seconds. View Portfolio

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Is event videography just a cameraman with sound and lights?
Event videography is a relatively new term which comes from wedding event videography. Videography relates to an owner and operator of video equipment. However in our experience, it tends to mean different things to different people.
What is the turn around for a vox pop video?
On average, 2-6 weeks from when the project has been green-lit, however, it’s not uncommon that the need for a vox pop video is the last thing on an event organisers mind. To ensure you get a professionally produced vox pop video or interview videos, it’s best to plan well ahead of you event.

What makes the best interview videos & how do I get started?
Contact one of our Video Marketing Specialists. They will help determine a vox pop video solution that’s right for you, based on a well-defined brief. This is the first step to getting the best interview videos for your business. Secondly, what is the leveraged marketing opportunities for the video content? Where else can the videos be used? Define a goal for the video and make it easier to determine the return on investment.

Case Study

Ridge Films generously supported our cancer charity ball with videography and post-production which we successfully used to drive ticket sales and increase brand awareness for the following year. Absolutely recommend them for anyone business wanting to drive sales through video.
Michelle Heaton-Armstrong

Director, Fight on the Beaches



Day Turnaround


Lead Time / Days

Product Video Production


Michelle needed to leverage useful information from the event by using a vox pop video across other content marketing. She wanted to engage a wider audience with fresh perspectives from existing clients who are in the moment. Explore an easy way to give the event longevity and leverage marketing efforts. The vox pop video needed to convey personal and sincere perspectives to the target audience and continue the conversation by keeping the charity front of mind. It also needed to engage the industry with a trending and topical vox pop video for marketing and/or to demonstrate the capability to listen to the industry.

Providing Valuable Information

The vox pop video gave immediate feedback from attendees with their views, perspectives and appreciation, which did not directly promote the event itself, but the content from the event and what one could expect next year. It was an outstanding result that meant the vox pop video could regularly be added on social media, follow up email campaigns and on their website.

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