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Video memes are short intimate emailed messages that show your face (not just your voice) in your work environment, to prospects and clients when following up a sales call. View Portfolio

Let your competition leave voicemails while you leave a personalised video message

Get the help you need to convert more sales using personalised video services.

Video Script Writing

Collaborate on the script and formulate testimonial video questions designed to stay on message.

On-Camera Training

Achieve a performance that is confident, authentic and well-rehearsed.

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Get unbelievable results from in-depth analytics that track every part of your video.

You access a complete video service to get what you need faster and more effectively.

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What is the outcome of video memes?
Video memes will help build trust faster by showing behind the scenes of your organisation and that you are in fact a real person, rather than just being a name at the bottom of an email.
What is the turn around time for video memes like this?
On average, video memes take 2-6 weeks from when the project has been green-lit. This taking into account, not just the video production but the stratedy behind producing the video memes in the first place.
Why video memes?
‘Video memes’ refer to message video clips, a buzz word relating to refashioning peoples perception to video marketing and it’s value. In this case, as you know many people don’t regularly check their voicemail messages or forget to respond to their message in their busy day, so these video memes are a perfect way to grab their attention and reconnect them to you and your business.

Case Study

They were quick to respond to brief and were able to turn around a great product in little to no time. Very impressed Greg Vekiarellis

Director, Communications and Marketing, Catapult Public Relations

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personalised video


Personalised videos acting as a video memo, helps you take control of the sales process by providing the context of your call and showing that you provide a more personalised customer experience. Set yourself apart from the competition.

Improved Conversion Rates

Rather than leave a number of voicemails with no response and have a lead go cold, reconnect by emailing a personalised video clip that helps put a face to your voice. Build trust faster and change preconceptions of salespeople by being approachable and helpful and getting your audience enthusiastic about working with you.

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