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Leverage your video email marketing using an out of office video that deepens relationships by introducing the person running things in your absence. View Portfolio

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Collaborate on the script and use an authentic language designed to stay on message.

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Achieve a high-quality output using simple processes that get the most from your product video.

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How do I implement video email marketing?
Implementing video email marketing requires planning. We can help you define your brief and make sure you’re getting the right video email marketing for your business. Then once the project is complete, show you how your out-of-office message can work for you in your absence.
What is the turn around for video email marketing like this?
On average a video email marketing message like will take between 2-6 weeks from when the project has been green lit.
What do I need to get started with video email marketing?
Contact one of our video email marketing specialists. They will help determine an email video solution that’s right for you, based on a well-defined brief. Keep in mind engagement is a big factor in holding audience attention, and adding a little bit of humour by answering any questions directly and personally will help reduce any perceived risk of your absence.

Case Study

Being a shy person I was nervous in front of the camera. Ridge films made the experience so comfortable and helped me to present like a pro! Thanks Guys. Martin Liu

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Take boring text-based email autoresponders and turn them into positive, emotional and helpful video email marketing responses. This needs to be a fast and engaging way to show how you think differently about your audience and genuinely set yourself apart from the competition. For great results, switch your video email marketing on whenever you’re out of the office and perhaps even use them to promote your latest marketing activities. That way every holiday is now a personalised opportunity to market yourself and your services effectively. Holidays, sick leave, business trips, office relocations, employment changes and maternity leave are all an opportunity to make a connection using video email marketing.

Providing Valuable Information

Delight your audience by using your reply video to make human introductions to staff and support them with purposeful information while you are away. People buy from people, so these out of office message videos will help put your audience at ease that someone is actually taking care of their business while you are away. You can even encourage emailers to visit your recent blog post, check out the latest product added to your website, download your PDF document or visit the new video you just posted.

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