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First of all testimonial video production consists of stories from happy clients filmed ideally at their place of business, who are interviewed on their overarching experience using your company. View Portfolio

Because your next client believes what your existing clients say about you

Get more testimonial video production examples and get what you need to better connect with your audience.

Video Script Writing

Collaborate on the script and formulate questions designed to stay on message for your testimonial video production.
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Achieve a high-quality output using simple processes that get the most from your interviews.

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Get unbelievable results from in-depth analytics that track every part of your testimonial video production.

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How do choose the right people to interview for our testimonial video production?
Interviews must be authentic, not staged. We will help you understand how the process works, step-by-step. We’ll then coordinate what is needed to plan, prepare and film your client video testimonials. Contact us for more testimonial video production examples.
What is the turn around time for a testimonial video production?
On average, a testimonial video production takes 2-6 weeks from when the project has been green-lit. Of course an urgent testimonial video production can also be accomidated.
What's involved in creating a testimonial video production?
Firstly, one of our Video Marketing Specialists will help ensure this video solution is right for you, based on a well-defined brief and great testimonial examples to get you started. From there we’ll guide your through the entire process, end-to-end so you’re getting the best testimonial video production possible.

Case Study

Chris and Brendan at Ridge Films were fantastic to deal with. Their planning and scoping session helped us clarify what we were wanting to achieve and the on-camera training was so helpful. Film day ran smoothly and everyone in the company is impressed with the finished product. Thanks guys – you made it all so easy. Matt Fitzpatrick

Franchise Specialist, Smartline

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Matt needed to remove any doubt in potential franchise buyer’s decision and help them feel like they were making a great decision in choosing the company. Furthermore, they need to increase their conversion rate by using happy clients (or influencers), who fit the exact target demographic. This would help buyers observe the actions of others speaking publicly on Smartline’s behalf and think, “I can relate to him/her, I understand their opinion and I’ll make the same choices”.

As A Result, Improved Conversion Rates

While the Smartline client video testimonials weren’t filmed in their offices (for budget reasons), this can help portrait an authentic message that is hard for any of your competition to replicate. Their client testimonial video production need to overcome a few key areas of concern or scepticism with the industry through authentic third party experiences, in less than 60 seconds. Most of all the testimonial video is used for sales meetings, company pages and on their website.

video production house
video production house

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