Story Time Videos

Story Time videos, are the personal stories, true thoughts and opinions of why you do the things that you are passionate about, and show that you are in fact, human.

Why do you do what you do, beyond money and beyond helping people?

Use an awareness video story to translate your passion into a connection.

Video Script Writing

Collaborate on the script and use an authentic language designed to stay on message.

Video Production

Achieve a high-quality output using simple processes that get the most from your personal video.

Video Analytics

Get unbelievable results from in-depth analytics that track every part of your video.

Access our full suite of services to look and sound your best.

There’s no other video production company that provides this much value.

story time videos
What is the turn around for story time videos ?
Story Time videos, on average, take 2-6 weeks from when the project has been green lit.
How do I prepare for story time videos ?
Any cool marketing videos that you may have seen don’t happen overnight. Like most well produce material, story time videos need research, planning and a journey to understand what the personal story actually is. A lot of people think people want to hear about their job (such as a video CV). However, story time videos are about how your journey has led you to do what you do. We help you prepare for the production process every step of the way for story time videos.
How do I get started with story time videos and what's involved?
The best marketing videos stem from a well-defined brief. Contact one of our Video Marketing Specialists. They will help ensure an awareness video solution such as story time videos are right for you. From there, with this sort of personal video, we’ll help you every step of the way.

Case Study

Thanks Chris and Brendan. Ridge Films made the whole process of producing our videos smooth and stress free. We are thrilled with the results. Frances Edwards

Principal, Edwards Family Lawyers

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story time videos


Francis needed cool marketing videos to let future clients make a connection with her while removing stereotypes about the legal profession. She wanted a consistent version of how past experiences have shaped her, using a personal video. She wanted story time videos to help the audience understand the strengths and therefore value of the people behind the firm. Also, building trust fast was her primary goal with this awareness video. Her vision was to begin a superior buyer’s journey by being genuine through story time videos and fostering connections that allowed her audience to value her expertise.

Improved Awareness

Fran is able to start better conversations by showing her audience she has a sense of pride working as part of an industry that stands for something. She energises perspective clients with a clear and meaningful awareness video that demonstrates her value while being a source of motivation and enthusiasm. Fran is on her way to perhaps even catapulting her professional career, by conveying her wisdom and expertise to a wider audience through cool marketing videos.

personal video
personal video

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