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A company profile video is a unique and versatile way to spark interest in your company, in a human and creative way. It’s the ultimate business video card. View Portfolio


Introduce your company, what it does and how it helps, in less than 60 seconds

Therefore you need to learn some skills to better connect with your audience.

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Video Script Writing

Collaborate on the script and use an authentic language designed to stay on message.

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On-Camera Training

Achieve a performance in your company video that is confident, authentic and well-rehearsed.

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Video Analytics

Get unbelievable results from in-depth analytics that track every part of your video.

Access our full suite of services and create an outstanding business video card.

There’s no other corporate profile video house that provides this much value.

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I don't want to appear in my company video. Can you provide talent?
Yes we can provide a professional presenter for your company video. It goes without saying that if you’re trying to make stronger connections and create the best company videos, then putting your people infront is a good way to do it.
What is the turn around for a company video?

On average the best company videos usually take 2-6 weeks from when the project has been green lit.

How do I get started with a company video?

Contact one of our Video Marketing Specialists. They will help determine a video solution that’s right for you, based on a well-defined brief.

Case Study

Ridge Films are at the cutting edge of video marketing, I don’t know anyone else who provides scripting, on-camera training and the ability to measure statistics from each video.

Lyle Grieg

Financial Planner, Bidges Financial Services



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Lyle needed a business video card to summarise the capabilities of his company, engage customers, and as importantly improve enquiry rates. He needed an authentic language, a smiling face and a glowing personality to consistently reinforce the picture he was trying to paint of himself. “Financial Services is boring” and he wanted to be able to build credibility and trust consistently, to help make new connections faster.

Improved Awareness

One of the key values of a corporate profile video is that it has multiple applications. Use it on LinkedIn, email signatures, presentations, tender responses or on your website. This consistently strengthens your brand, and starts conversations with potential customers.

Learn How A Company Video Can Help You!

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