Professional Video DIY

With ease, speed and scale.

The Video DIY Program is the ultimate low-budget way you can shoot and deliver high-quality videos to your market, without learning how to produce, edit and deliver.


Make a video in a timely manner.

Producing amazing videos takes the right combination of knowledge and experience. Online video DIY content is growing rapidly and you now need regular and interesting content for your audience. You have the idea, but you need to know how to do it yourself, so you look professional and authentic to your audience.

Get skills to deliver professional videos DIY

Instead of trialing complicated technology and wasting your valuable time, the Ridge Films Video DIY Program provides all the resources and know-how of a professional video marketing company, to help you produce video DIY content consistently, without the high costs of equipment or the lengthy learning curve.

Video DIY
Half-Day Workshop
Learn the basics of scripting, presenting, filming and amplifying your videos. Get a personal step by step tour of how to start and streamline your ongoing video DIY marketing. Discover the possibilities of how your videos will work across your entire business – sales, marketing, operations and beyond.
Script Templates
Scripting your video is easy when you have a predefined framework to help you stay on message and use a language that appeals to your audience.
On Camera Training
Learn the skills of a professional video presenter within a 90 minute intensive training session, that helps you better connect to your viewers. Get the practical skills to present your script correctly from the teleprompter everytime. You’ll understand how inflection, tone, body language and speed, significantly improves the authenticity and engagement of your video DIY performance.
Desktop Video Studio
This is your own equipment kit that has everything you need including lights and teleprompter, to record your video DIY within minutes. Use our step-by-step process to upload your on-camera presentation with a click of a button without editing or lengthy file transfers.
Video Editing
Get your presentation edited professionally using a predefined video DIY template. Add supporting images to enhance the video. The simple approval process makes editing efficient and easy.
Video Implementation
Streamline the delivery of your videos with tools to easily get them in front of your audience. Copy and paste a snippet of code into your website or include your video DIY into social and offline mediums such as video brochures.
Video Analytics
Prove your video DIY marketing is working by monitoring each video’s performance. This data tells you if your videos are resonating with your target audience in the right way, and allows you to bring those learnings into your future videos.
Case Studies
Learn how our clients are using the Ridge Films video DIY program as a simple video creation tool to drive outcomes for their business. Watch their template videos and learn why you need them too.

Use them as…

Market Commentary
Video Testimonials
Internal Comms Messages
News/Social Updates
LinkedIn introductions
Product upgrade notifications
Help and Support videos
Enquiry/Meeting follow ups
Nurturing, Onboarding and Retention

Virtually any use.

Email Newsletters
Landing Pages
Social Media
Internal Comms
LMS – Learning Management Systems
Conferences / Events
Offline Marketing Collateral

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