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Get educational video production tips, an online video marketing course, schedule a meeting with us and get video marketing training to help grow your business

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This 90-minute group video marketing workshop includes training, templates and take-aways to help understand the methods of video marketing and how to improve conversions. Book Your Video Marketing Course

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Lyle shares his DIY tips and educational video production experiences in this case study. More

Why is a video marketing course important to you?

A video marketing course will give you the basics. You may have the budget but if you’re not 100% convinced in humanising your business, connecting with your customers and focusing on ROI, then this video marketing course is a great resource for you. Our specialists are extremely passionate and motivated by results and we’re inspired by companies that are ‘going somewhere’ too. So come along and register for our video marketing course today.

“I have seen many Ridge Films marketing video’s, and I often refer colleagues and friends to use their different products, be it the explainer video, why we do what we do, or a testimonial. They help you to connect with an audience and teach you how to get the right message across. They always make it look so easy. Everyone has been delighted with the results, and I couldn’t recommend them highly enough!”

Belinda Noel

Business Development Manager, IP Solutions International

“It has been a pleasure to be able to work with you both, it is refreshing to see the amount of work you both put into ensuring you get the job done correctly. Not only has it opened my eyes to the world of video marketing it has also enabled me to learn the importance of getting it right the first time (which you guys do without fail).

Thanks again for all that you have done and continue to do.

Shellee Henness

Department Head – Residential Property Management, Prosper Group

“For us to convince a prospect that our company is capable of delivering a top-notch service it is important to provide testimonials and case studies of similar work we have done. By creating a quality short film with a case study or testimonial we can now demonstrate the social proof that is needed to close that million-dollar deal. The video marketing course was invaluable and by adding video to our sales process have certainly “increased our conversion rate”!”

Ash Lal

Director, Royal Leaders Commercial Cleaning

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