DIY Video Program

Produce Quality Videos with Ease


Finally you'll have the tools to produce professional looking DIY videos.


Desktop Studio equipment to record
videos at your home or office.
Production Assistance to guide
you through your video creation.
Remote Video Editing solutions
to bring your DIY videos to life.

With the DIY Video Program you can produce exceptional quality videos with ease, speed, and in high volume at your home or office desk, combined with the support of a professional video marketing company.


Desktop Studio

Switch it on, and let the show begin because the Desktop Studio is exceptional quality equipment that's easy to use and installed in minutes at your home or office desk with equipment training & software support.


The Desktop Studio includes plug and play capture that is compatible with virtually any operating systems and a broad range of creative applications including video conferencing, streaming, social media and powerful functionality without requiring any third-party driver software. 


The applications are endless for your sales, marketing and internal comms

Stream video events to improve attendee engagement

An every day video conferencing solution

Personalised video messages for sales emails

Record regular social medial updates for your market

Production Assistance

Get all the resources and know-how of a professional video marketing company, to help you produce DIY videos consistently, without learning how to be a video producer. You will be able to produce your videos with expert 1:1 coaching to guide you through any aspect of your video creation.

Connect with 1:1 On-Camera Presenter Training

Equipment and Teleprompter Software Training

Video Scripting is Easy with Predefined Templates

Access Online Library of Tutorial Videos and Courses

In these uncertain times, businesses that have clarified their video marketing processes and built a video strategy are much more likely to survive. Because we want to meet you where you are in this season, you can now create high quality videos with Production Assistance to make sure that you’re doing it right.

And get the support of ongoing training from Google's highest-rated video company in Australia.

Customers aren’t watching?
Here’s why.

Understand why it’s important to follow a process even when producing your own DIY videos and how to bring people closer to your business.

Discover 5 ways to sharpen
your video marketing.

Guide your audience to the relevant information they need in this entertaining video workshop.

Let’s look at processes that works
to maximise your ROI.

In this program have tools to drive new business using videos. Learn what what doesn’t work and why.


“Why can't I get sales meetings anymore?”

“Why are my videos boring my customers?”

“Why isn’t my business growing faster?”

Overcome all of these obstacles

using this DIY Video Program.

There’s ways to bridge the knowledge gap and learn how to make videos using some basics from our DIY Video Program which are very easy to understand and very effective.

Learning how to make videos on a budget may save you $$$… but if your message is confusing, your video marketing will fail.


Learn the same video marketing secrets used by some of Australia’s top brands

Christian McNally, Director

Christian invested in the DIY Program, he's a Director at Grand Stand Events. He approached us because his video marketing was slipping and it was keeping him up at night. He was already investing thousands of dollars in a videographer every month, and in his words understanding "how do we produce our own videos at our convenience, and maximise the return on investment", was very much top of mind. 

Using the Ridge Films DIY Program Christian was able shoot, edit and distribute his videos via social, email and website. The result was astounding, instead of adding to the daily noise in his market, he was able to clearly communicate who Grand Stand Events latest projects and their point of difference. Within a couple of hours, he had hundreds of clients watch his videos and connect with his organisation.

With the DIY Video Program you can produce exceptional quality videos with ease, speed, and in high volume at your home or office desk, combined with the support of a professional video marketing company.