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Streamline Video-Making Processes with Video Production Coaching

"Made a huge difference to the overall quality."
"his knowledge in this area is remarkable."
"Camera confidence was also useful for business."
"incredible experience loaded with  strategies."

Video Coaching focuses on overall performance and training while holding you accountable in reaching business goals.

At Ridge Films, we understand the challenges of managing video content amidst a busy schedule. That's why our Video Production Coaching program empowers you to take control over your video communications, regardless of how packed your agenda may be.


Is video coaching right for you?

Take control over your video communications, even when you're at your busiest.

Unlock Your Video Potential and Stand Out in the Digital World with Ridge Films' Expert Video Production Coaching

Our tailored training programs are designed to equip marketing managers and teams with the knowledge and skills necessary to create captivating and effective videos that resonate with your target audience.

With our expert guidance and support, you'll unlock the power of video production and create stunning work that resonates with your audience. 


Video Coaching: Transforming Marketing Teams into Visual Storytellers

In marketing, having a well-trained marketing manager and a team that can create their own content is crucial. Video coaching can play a vital role in providing the necessary training for your marketing manager and team members to develop their video production skills. 


84% of business professionals say ‘my videos need to be better’, but fail to consistently improve.

By learning relevant techniques and best practices, you can create compelling training videos, promotional content, and engaging media that effectively represent your company's brand.


Video Success Stories


Mike Mortlock

For the Managing Director at MCG Quantity Surveyors in Newcastle, personal branding in videos goes beyond business. It's about creating connections with your audience, fostering relationships, and building trust.

Byron Trzeciak

For the CEO at PixelRush in Melbourne, personalised coaching empowered him to deliver a confident message and engage on camera with a captivating smile, captivating his audience.


Amy-Renee Hovorka

For the CEO of ProcMarket in Sydney, video coaching and assisted directed recordings significantly boosted her confidence and on-camera presence, enabling her to impress investors and excel in business interactions.

Meet Your Video Coach

Meet Chris Schwager, the driving force behind Ridge Films, Australia's premier DIY Video Production Agency. With over two decades of experience as a Video Director, Script Writer, Presenter, Podcast Host, and Video Coach, he has propelled Ridge Films to become Google's highest-rated video company in Australia. As the youngest of eight, Chris learned early the art of confident and clear communication in a bustling household, instilling in him a deep-seated desire to be heard.

Chris is on a mission to empower individuals and businesses to create high-quality videos. He achieves this by providing the first professional DIY desktop video studio, affordable equipment, expert guidance, and comprehensive training services. This innovative approach, influenced by his upbringing, has revolutionised the industry, democratising video production and elevating the standard of DIY video quality. 

What our Video Coaching Package means for you.

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"In a fast changing digital landscape, this is exactly what you want"

"Helped us clarify what we were wanting to achieve"

"Had an immediate understanding of what was needed"

"I am so glad I chose to outsource this"

"I think I want to switch careers now and be an actress ;)"

"Polished and Professional training"




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