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When will my enquiries turn into sales?
Why can't I get enough business ‘in the door’?
How do I manage price focussed customers?

Every stage of video has a purpose

The seven stages of video marketing from Ridge Films Video Marketing Agency

Rethink the way you connect with your audience using Google's highest-rated video company


Repurpose Your Videos

Use multiple channels to amplify your sales and marketing videos and improve ROI.

On Camera Training

Better connect to your viewers with essential skills of a professional presenter.

Video Script Writing

Formulate ideas, organise messages, and shape the video before recording.

Perfect for Sales Meetings, Social Media, Emails & Websites

These are ideal channels to improve your video reach and connect with your audience. Finance, Property and Tech are some of the industries who have benefited from our Video Marketing Agency.

Now it's your turn!

200+ Reviews 5/5 Rating

"Produced a film beyond my expectations"

"In a fast changing digital landscape, this is exactly what you want"

"Slick, Creative and Professional"

"Had an immediate understanding of what was needed"

"I am so glad I chose to outsource this"

Videographers lack process and struggle to meet messaging objectives

Ridge Films provide everything you need.

  • Experienced video strategist
  • Repurpose your videos for social
  • Scripting to develop your message
  • Location/studio filming, crew & make-up for superior sound and picture
  • Editing and revisions for final touches
  • Launch your videos to the world

Achieve your marketing objectives with videos guaranteed to work day & night for 3 years+


"Script editing and on-camera training... made a huge difference to the overall quality..."

“The real value of Ridge Films is they measure how effective the video is...”

"...exceptional and professional service. Both Chris and Brendan are leaders in the industry."

"Ridge Films is way more than just video production... very intuitive to our marketing needs..."

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