Convert leads into buyers using case study videos that prove the value of your company

Remove buyer apprehension, convert faster and build trust with potential clients

Case Study videos are in-depth examinations from your clients perspective of the tangible results they get from working with you. This confirms to buyers your companies strengths using authentic human stories, rather than lengthy written case studies.

Ridge Films help unpack your customers experience to craft a compelling story

We don't just switch on the camera and start filming. Documenting your clients journey takes a combination of maturity and knowledge. Our team prepare in advance for the interview, so filming is focussed and relaxed. We highlight your key messages, get talent camera ready and manage all of the filming on location. Because when your production is well organised, your video becomes clear and concise and this is when decisions are made.

Videographers lack process and agencies will charge thousands

Ridge Films provide everything you need.

  • Scripting to develop your message
  • Experienced Director/Interviewer
  • Location filming, crew & make-up for superior sound and picture
  • Editing and revisions for final touches
  • Launch your videos to the world
200+ Reviews 5/5 Rating

"Produced a film beyond my expectations"

"In a fast changing digital landscape, this is exactly what you want"

"Slick, Creative and Professional"

"Had an immediate understanding of what was needed"

"I am so glad I chose to outsource this"

Perfect for Sales Meetings, Social Media, Emails & Websites

These are ideal channels to provide social proof and convert your buyers. Technology, Food & Beverage and Facilities Services are some of the industries who have benefited from our case study videos

Now it's your turn!


5 Reasons Why Our Case Study Videos Matter

  • Close deals across all verticals, industries, and personas
  • Future clients can relate to past clients
  • Social proof will deliver positive outcomes
  • Show tangible results from happy clients
  • Identify with your prospects through real human stories

Watch 100's of video examples from Google's highest rated video company in Australia

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Lisa Macqueen
CEO, Cleancorp

Just wanted to let you know that yet again, you guys aced it! The video was perfect for the presentation yesterday so fingers crossed we win the deal! Thanks for making it happen so fast, much appreciated 😊

Sabrina Xia
Licensed Business Broker, LINK Brokers Australia

Chris and Brendan are a fantastic team, they are very professional and knowledgeable. The video that they produced for me is excellent and outstanding, I cannot thank them more! Thanks Chris and Brendan!


Prove your value using success stories and convert clients faster like these happy clients have done.

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