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Video Marketing is arguably the most effective form of marketing available to us today and can be used in multiple ways in multiple channels. Video allows you to make connections with your audience in volume in a very short space of time, even when you’re sleeping.

In addition, when executed correctly, your videos will work for your organisation… Daily, weekly, monthly & yearly. Short, sharp and relevant video content will give you at least 3 years return from a single investment.


Find a Video That’s Right For You

What kind of videos actually convert to purchase? How do I convince my boss? If you’re asking yourself these questions, then we can help.


Reduce the Confusion

Using videos can be incredibly effective, but they can also be overwhelming to get up and running.


We help you every step of the way.

Understanding Video Marketing

The Importance Of Professional Script Writing
Poor scriptwriting undoes most videos. Stay “on message”, and make every word count by removing confusing wording.

The Benefit Of On-Camera Training
On-camera training will quickly turn an amateur into a professional video presenter. Gain a presence on screen that better connects with your audience.

Measure The Powerful Effect of Video
Find out how one of our clients TLK Partners improved enquiry rates by 11.5% in 9 months, from a single video. Understanding how viewers interact with your videos to ensure a huge return on investment.

Project Planning

Video Production Management identifies in advance the key resources needed to deliver your videos within time and budget.

Video Marketing Strategy

The Video Marketing Strategy is the first but crucial step in creating effective online video content.

Script Writing

Video Script Writing formulates ideas, organises the message, and as importantly shapes the video production long before the camera is switched on.

On Camera Training

Video On Camera Training gives you everything you need (with minimal downtime) to connect to your audience and create a video with skills of a professional presenter.

Video Production

Corporate video production is simply the technical execution of your project plan. Therefore the actual production itself stays on time and budget while remaining professional and effective. Contact Us For A Video Production Company Sydney.


Video Implementation allows you to easily display videos on your website using professional video hosting, analytics, and video marketing tools.

Analytics And Measuring Tools

Video Analytics allow you to prove the value of your web video initiatives by monitoring your business videos performance and gauging the contribution they’re making to your marketing.

Corporate Video Production Solutions

Choose from over 60 customisable video production marketing solutions to suit your challenges.

What Our Clients Say

We’ve help 1000’s of clients simplify the endless variables of video production marketing, now it’s your turn!

“The real value of Ridge Films is they measure how effective the video is… I’m totally convinced in video marketing.”

Lyle Greig

Financial Planner, Bridges

“Our splash page video has contributed to 80% of sales and annual growth of 400%. Video is an integral part of our business.”

Amelia Phillips

Co Founder, 12WBT

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