Inject emotion into your marketing with personal video stories that create business opportunities

Remove stereotypes, make connections and build trust with your potential clients

Story Time videos achieve a better awareness of why you do what you do, through personal stories of how past experiences have shaped you. This helps your audience understand your strengths, value and that you are in fact, human.

Ridge Films help unpack your earliest memories to help craft your story

We don't just throw you in front of camera. Documenting your journey takes a combination of maturity and knowledge. Our team prepare you in advance for your interview, so you are focussed and relaxed. A special teleprompter on the camera adds to the realism, like you are talking directly to your future client. Because when you make eye contact, that is when the strongest connections are made.

Videographers lack process and agencies will charge thousands

Ridge Films provide everything you need.

  • Scripting to develop your message
  • Studio filming & make-up so you look and sound your best
  • Editing and revisions for final touches
  • Launching your videos to the world
200+ Reviews 5/5 Rating

"Brought tears to the eyes of everyone who saw"

"Produced a film beyond my expectations"

"In a fast changing digital landscape, this is exactly what you want"

"Slick, Creative and Professional"

"Had an immediate understanding of what was needed"

Perfect for LinkedIn Inmail, Social Media, Email Signatures & Websites

These are ideal channels to begin a superior buyer’s journey. Finance, Legal & Property are some of the industries who have benefited from telling their Story.

Now it's your turn!


5 Reasons Why Our Story Time Videos Matter

  • Stories are universal
  • Future clients will relate to your journey
  • Your thoughts and opinions will make a connection 
  • Show people your perspective of the world
  • Conveying your wisdom and expertise to a wider audience

Watch 100's of video examples from Google's highest rated video company in Australia

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Scott Douglas
Director, Wealth Specialist, IMFG

Great professional and amazing experience. I really appreciate the way Chris and the team handled a process and area that is out of my comfort zone. Ridge Films have a very solid approach to make you deliver wonderful outcomes.

Fran Edwards
Principal, Edwards Family Lawyers

Thanks Chris and Brendan. Ridge Films made the whole process of producing our videos smooth and stress free. We are thrilled with the results.


Be genuine and allow your audience to value your expertise like these happy clients have done.

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