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Relax, conquer nerves and better connect with your audience

Create outstanding videos with natural skills of a professional presenter

Finally you can get the skills to present like a pro.

In these uncertain times, professionals who have clarified their message and built a better on-screen presence are much more likely to strengthen business relationships. Because we want to meet you where you are in this season, you can now learn high quality presentation skills directly from your home or office! Book a 15 min chat AND receive real time coaching to make sure that you’re doing it right.

  • Dramatically improve the perception of your personal brand
  • Explore intangibles like humour, empathy and energy, from an experienced director
  • Build your performance to be confident, authentic and well-rehearsed
  • Understand how to positively change the way your audience perceives you

Find The Star

Within You

Now you can produce exceptional quality videos and achieve amazing results in 90 minutes.

Get the support of ongoing training from

Google's highest-rated video company in Australia.

Make your on camera presenting easy and get the support of a professional who delivers 100’s of videos every year.

Customers aren’t watching?
Here’s why.

Understand why it’s important to follow a process even when producing your own DIY videos and how to bring people closer to your business.

Discover 5 ways to sharpen
your presenting skills.

Guide your audience to the relevant information they need in this entertaining On Camera Training session.

Let’s look at processes that works
to maximise your ROI.

In this On Camera Training you will have tools to drive new business using videos. Learn what works and doesn’t work and why.


“Why can't I get sales meetings anymore?”

“Why are my videos boring my customers?”

“Why isn’t my camera presenting improving?”

Overcome all of these obstacles

using On Camera Training.

There’s ways to bridge the knowledge gap and learn how to make videos using some basics from our On Camera Training which are very easy to understand and very effective.

Learning how to make videos on a budget may save you $$$… but if your performance is confusing, your video marketing will fail.


Why rehearse in front of a mirror?

On Camera Training turns you into a star in 90 minutes.

Amazing Results For...

  • Internal Comms Messages
  • Pre-Recorded Webinars
  • LinkedIn Introductions
  • Help and Support Emails
  • All Marketing and Training Videos
  • Offline Marketing Collateral
  • Presenting Video Newsletters
  • Live Presentations/Shows
  • Video Conferences
  • Personalised Sales Messages
  • Social Media Updates

What Makes On Camera Training So Special?

It’s All About the Coaching.

In Live On Camera Training, you’ll have access to a Video Expert throughout the 90 minutes to make sure you get your message and performance right.

  • Understand where to look, how to talk and why make-up and wardrobe choice impacts the video
  • Record and replay your presentation to ensure your performance is convincing and conversational
  • A teleprompter will assist you with a performance that’s conversational and convincing
  • Can't make it to the studio? Get Virtual On-Camera Training from your home or office computer
  • Discover on set protocols with 1 on 1 mentoring in our studio or at your desk
  • Learn specific skills that you can’t get from rehearsing on your own

Learn the same camera presenting secrets used by some of Australia’s top brands

We want to give you everything that you need to know in your On Camera Training to present right the first time.

Sian Jenkins, Marketing Manager

"Script editing and on-camera training... made a huge difference to the overall quality..."

Haley Doel, Marketing Manager ANZ

"Thank you for your patience throughout... script writing, on screen training and filming.

Clive Withinshaw, Managing Director

"Polished and Professional. They provided valuable camera training to us. "

Matt Fitzpatrick, Franchise Specialist

"...helped us clarify what we were wanting to achieve and the on-camera training was so helpful.”

Rachel Dorman, Head Clinician

"What a fantastice experience!… I think I want to switch careers now and be an actress ;)”