Conquer on camera presenting forever

Create outstanding videos with natural skills of a professional presenter


“Why do I take all day to create a single video?”

“Why are my videos boring my customers?”

“Why isn’t my camera presenting improving?”

On Camera Training helps you overcome all of these obstacles and present like a pro

Understand how to positively change the way your audience perceives you and better connect with your audience.

  • Dramatically improve the perception of your personal brand
  • Explore intangibles like humour, empathy and energy, from an experienced director
  • Understand where to look, how to talk and why make-up and wardrobe choice impacts the video
  • Record and replay your presentation to ensure your performance is convincing and conversational
  • Create a confident, authentic and well-rehearsed performance using a teleprompter to assist you
  • Discover professional filming protocols you can apply to improve your DIY videos
  • Learn how to use body language to bring people closer to your business
  • Discover 5 proven techniques to sharpen your presenting skills that you can't get from rehearsing on your own

Get your message and performance right with your own video presenter coach

On Camera Training

Limited time only


All you need to present your videos

90 minute 1-1 Training with Professional Coach

Complimentary: Training in a Professional Studio, Messaging & Script Templates, Waredrobe Advice, Initial Performance Assessment

Through this session you will rehearse your first video presentation that you can use immediately.

Don't waste countless hours recording bad takes yourself

  • Continuously repeating bad presenting habits.
  • Trying to developing and perfect your message.
  • Struggling to find the right processes, rehearsing, shooting & never being happy.
  • Or employing Videographers and agencies to help you at significant expense.
  • And then after all that battling with your on camera confidence.

Stop wasting countless hours and go with the solution that removes all of these headaches and gets you producing high quality video in volume.

Why Rehearse in Front of a Mirror?

It's a Process You Can Learn From Your Office

Maximise your video ROI with training for...

  • Internal Comms Messages
  • Pre-Recorded Webinars
  • LinkedIn Introductions
  • Help and Support Emails
  • All Marketing and Training Videos
  • Offline Marketing Collateral
  • Presenting Video Newsletters
  • Live Presentations/Shows
  • Video Conferences
  • Personalised Sales Messages
  • Social Media Updates

Who's used On Camera Training?

Sian Jenkins, Marketing Manager

"made a huge difference to the overall quality..."

Haley Doel, Marketing Manager ANZ

"Thank you for your patience throughout... training.

Clive Withinshaw, Managing Director

"Polished and Professional training. "

Matt Fitzpatrick, Franchise Specialist

"...helped us clarify what we were wanting to achieve... so helpful.”

Rachel Dorman, Head Clinician

"… I think I want to switch careers now and be an actress ;)”

200+ Reviews 5/5 Rating

"In a fast changing digital landscape, this is exactly what you want"

"Slick, Creative and Professional"

"Had an immediate understanding of what was needed"

"I am so glad I chose to outsource this"

Get the support from Google's highest-rated video company in Australia.

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