Produce videos the right way using a clear process from Google's highest-rated video company.


Producing effective videos takes a combination of experience and a structured process.

The pathway to great video marketing is the framework that streamlines video production and helps measure your return on investment.


1. Video Marketing Strategy

Start your video journey with a framework for delivering consistent and relevant videos. 

This is first but crucial step in creating effective online video content. Together we'll look at every step taken in your sales & marketing journey from complete stranger to a regular buyer of your product or service.


2. Production Management

Identify in advance the key resources needed to deliver your videos within time and budget.

Steer the project toward meeting your expectations with Ridge Films's professional video management team. Streamline the video production process by planning every detail to make your video creation efficient, fun and relaxed.


3. Script Writing

Formulate ideas, organise messages, and shape the video long before the camera is switched on.

Stay on message and making every word count use a written document that shows what is seen and heard in your video. Script Writing is a collaborative process and the most important step to deliver a clear and concise video.


4. On Camera Training

Better connect to your viewers with skills of a professional presenter. 

Relax, conquer nerves and become a star by learning high quality presentation skills from our studio or your office. Receive real time coaching from an experienced presenter coach.


5. Video Production

The technical execution of your video (filming) as prepared in the project plan.

Stay on time and budget while using professional crew to bring your video to life. This included the highest quality cameras, editors and video specialists  to deliver the output outlined in your script and project plan.


6. Implementation

Lightening fast video hosting tools to easily display videos on your website. 

Ridge Films present your videos online using a dedicated business video hosting portal. This uses your company colours and guidelines to say on-brand, along with analytics, and other video marketing tools to streamline delivery to your audience.


7. Measure

Monitor video performance and gauge the contribution it's making to your marketing.

Take control of your video marketing initiatives and easily access the results of your videos. Easily measure your videos ROI (return on investment) against other marketing activities. Proof the videos work using the data, and gain insights on where to reinvest for the future.


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