How Do I Market My Videos Once Made?

Get Coached - How Do I Market My Videos Once Made? (Episode 62)

video marketing podcast Jun 18, 2021

Video is arguably the best medium to resonate well with your audience. After all the blood, sweat, and tears of producing a video, a piece of the puzzle is often overlooked.... drive people to find, click, and watch your video.

Welcome to 'Get Coached', the Video Marketing Legend podcast segment where you submit your video marketing questions and Chris will help coach you through them.

In this episode, Chris Schwager, Video Marketer from Ridge Films,  will give tips on how to market your videos once they're made. Learn how to leverage your videos to a wider audience and maximise your video marketing investment for years to come.

Remember that you have to market your marketing.

If you're trying to solve the mystery of video marketing your business... what has you feeling overwhelmed?


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Episode Transcription:


Welcome to Get Coached the video marketing legend podcast segment where you submit your video marketing questions at and I'll help coach you through them. By listening in each week you'll learn how each video marketing problem is solved, giving you the knowledge that will make your videos more visible, more valuable. And so you come across as a true business professional on the open market.

I'm your host, Chris Schwager. Alright. today's Get Coached question was submitted at, and is from Jimmy. And what Jimmy wants to know is how do I market my videos once they're made? And this is a fantastic question, because we all want to know how to maximise everyday marketing investment. So it lives on for years to come.

Okay, so Jimmy, this is what you need to do. First, get your videos on your website. Hey, it seems overly simple, but your website is your shopfront. You got to get the videos on there, you got to find a home, where will your videos live. And this is really important because it is your shop, it is where inevitably people will come to understand more about your business to get that confirmation that you are the right person business service for the job. And so many people on the utilise website, particularly their website homepage, using video, often they won't even consider putting the video top and center where it really should be where people really want it to be. You know, they'll put it as a little tiny play button or a hyperlink and they'll just miss on opportunity. Right? So that is like the basic area.

Now I'm going to talk about inbound Video Marketing here because I think you know, there's so many opportunities to amplify content, but I'm just going to bring it back to inbound. Right? So we know that 95% of businesses of Australian businesses do not articulate the basic capabilities of their organisation in video form on their homepage of their site, it is just missed. If people don't know you have video in the first place, then how are they ever going to see your differentiator in the market? How are they ever going to consume your content easily fast, quickly, faster than a human right.

So this is some of what you need to consider because people struggle with this, you know, and they find a company like Ridge Films to show them how to leverage to a wider audience. And all of a sudden, they they're hooked. Because they understand how valuable it is to this new market, this new way of reaching people this new way of gaining attention.

So let's take for instance a company profile video, which is a basic who you are what you do, how do you help? And how do they contact you your rise demonstrating all the highlights of your business, you know the capabilities but also, you know, your your credibility as well, making sure that it is, you know, painting your company in the best possible light, right. So it's 90 second video, it's short, sharp to the point as we love here it shows and there's been so many of our clients that have been gone and leverage this further by creating shorter versions of this anywhere between 10 and 45 second little clips, so little vignettes of that video and use them via social media. In particular, that's been the main application, but also the main video itself, they've been able to use in email signatures, which is a completely passive area that all of your employees should really have video in that email signature, make it quick and easy for people to consume if they want to write, promote it via your EDMs or e-newsletters, right use it in LinkedIn across your social use it in video brochures.

Now, if you don't know what a video brochure is, it's like a LCD brochure about the size of a DVD case that actually is a physical brochure that goes out to people in that open and up and up video automatically plays now that's a cost to you to actually get that done. It's not a cheap exercise. But what I'm talking about is both paid and free amplification of video content.

But without this understanding, without the knowledge without understanding what the possibilities are the opportunities aren't you'll never know how to really extend the life of your investment. And if you're spending five to 10 to 20, whatever $1,000 on your content, you want to make sure that you leverage it and get as much of a bang for buck as possible.

This is about marketing, your marketing. It doesn't start with just producing the video, dusting off your hands great tick, we've got video Yay, is about the right people seeing this video, getting exposure to this video, having an asset there that is both working for you to reduce your resources within your organisation to leverage your employees to maximise time and the dollar value that you're spending within your marketing when you execute. In this way, being very abundant about your approach and really blasting it everywhere. You're gonna increase the visibility and it is a numbers game.

The more of these areas that your video lives, the better visibility that your video is going to get. amplify the content. It'll give you the return on investment that you're looking for. It'll allow you to leverage you, your video, your marketing your resources, time and investment dollar value. And it'll stop you from procrastinating on what you should be doing with your videos. Does this remind you of anyone I mean, we've all suffered from procrastinating in some way of not having the time or resources to be able to amplify in this way. But if you want this knowledge and you want to learn how to prioritise these things, you really need to talk to a video marketing specialist who can help you and give you some outside advice into what you should do next.

Can I just add one more thing if you want to learn how to convince decision makers in your business through this go to and download our guide we're always helping the business community become better video marketers. So go to download and we'd love to help you convince your boss and Jimmy thank you so much for asking your question.

We know that video marketing can seem overwhelming knowing how to market your videos once they're made. But if you use this method of coach to through to know how to maximise your video marketing investment so it leaves on for years to come. I'm sure it's going to give you peace of mind and really help with what you're looking for in the first place. Something to market your beers once they're made.

And for everybody else out there trying to solve the mystery of marketing your business what has you overwhelmed. On get coached we are here to help coach you through it just submit your video marketing question to for your chance to get coached by me just go to and thanks very much for listening


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