Is Your On-Camera Presentation Commanding Attention?

free video coaching Jun 28, 2021

Video Transcription:

Hang on a sec. What the hell happened here? What the hell?

That level of energy is now kinda to a certain degree is what people are requiring to break out of the zoom monotony and bloody fatigue of zoom stuff and webinars. You know, nobody's saying how kickass webinars are. I'll tell you straight up, you know what I mean.

The idea with this saturation of information in this way is to just start rising above. It's not disingenuous, it's not bloody silly. It's good quality information now packaged in a short, succinct consumable tight way. do you know how much value you can deliver?

And I'm not talking about this script, but the value of delivering something like this, it's one minute long, and then getting into the demo, give them what they need. If it ends up being shorter, be on your way, hey, you can go off and have a cup of tea. They'll probably Thank you, because you've just been quite direct about what you've needed to give them because you've written it down because you've gotten structure into it.


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