3 Types of Video for Business and When/How to Use Them (Quickie) with Chris Schwager

3 Types of Video for Business and When/How to Use Them (Quickie) with Chris Schwager (Episode 13)

video marketing podcast Jun 05, 2020

This 'Video Legend' Quickie is about discovering what types of videos should businesses have and consequently, when/how to use them?

In this episode, Chris Schwager (Video Marketer from Ridge Films) will help you understand the buyer's journey using Video Marketing. 

Discovering types of videos is broken down into three stages - AWARENESS, EDUCATION, & CONVERSION. These stages will give you options of what types of videos you may be able to use. 

  • Awareness videos are top-level content. These are about building credibility and showing why you do what you do. 
  • Education content is about letting your consumers know about the process, product, service, etc. 
  • Conversion videos are usually testimonials and case studies. These pull people through your sales to make their final decisions about you.

One of our clients, Navwealth, has produced a bunch of videos across these stages. This includes a Company Profile video, Our Approach, Prospect Nurture videos, Service Overview videos, and a Company Testimonial.



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