Building Rapport & Reinforcing Relationships Virtually with Adrian Fadini

Building Rapport & Reinforcing Relationships Virtually with Adrian Fadini (Episode 11)

video marketing podcast May 21, 2020

Rapport is an unconscious state of trust and alignment with another person. It's unspoken. It's when you get into that concept of knowing and respectfully understanding each other's world.

In this podcast, Adrian Fadini from TradesFormation will discuss news, trends, and insights and show you how to build rapport and reinforce relationships virtually.

"Video gives you such a great way to communicate when you're not face-to-face. You start to build up some identity of who you are. Hitting the right person at the right time with the right message which turns into a sale. It doesn't have to get millions of views. It's just gotta hit the right person that's got the money at the right time to buy your services. And that makes it a huge impact on me as a business owner."



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