Is Your Video Script Commanding Attention?

free video coaching Jun 22, 2021

Video Transcription:


I believe that trust is built subliminally, through your body language for the way that you present, what you say, consider it of their time to just give them the bullet points and the information that they need to journey to the next step.

People think that what you're saying in video is where the trust is going to be built, because you're showing credibility and all these words and like, look how technically expert I am. What's really nice about video, it's the vibration and the emotional connection they get by watching you now that determine their decision.

If you slam him with this amount of noise, what's going to happen to any recipient watching the video, their brain will shut down to conserve calories, it's noise, they'll look at their watch, they look at their phone, they'll grab a cup of tea, anything to distract them from what they are currently not getting from you.

We know that communications is served at 90% of the time through body language, and you denied that a lot of the time in this frame. So therefore, it's even more important to be short, sharp and succinct and onpoint with what you're saying verbally. So let's not bombard them with too much info too soon. scrape it back to some basics and make them feel good that this is easy for them and therefore they're more inclined to do something as a result.


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