Small Business Growth and Managing Disruption with Greg Betty

Small Business Growth and Managing Disruption with Greg Betty (Episode 10)

video marketing podcast May 14, 2020

It’s probably no secret, but many business owners go it alone. Running your business is not about doing what you love, your skill, your product, or the service you provide. You got to know about marketing, sales, finance, managing teams.

And to make better decisions about the direction of your business, you have to compete in your market and not just sell on price.

We're joined by Greg Betty from Growth Potential Australia and discuss news, trends, and insights and show you how to manage disruption and still grow your business.

"Things people that they may need to change with their marketing is go through the marketing plan and decide if the target markets are still valid. Explore other marketing activities that have never been tapped. The reality is business owners probably need to get going with prepping a lot of marketing, to generate lead flow, and be ready to get going again."



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