Learn how to use videos to improve your sales and marketing

In this workshop, we'll explore the fundamentals of video marketing - the parts, process, and methodology - in order to create content and implement strategies that can generate, engage, and convert more leads for your business.


"How can I create videos without breaking the bank?"

"How can I create quick yet effective videos?"

"How can I create a video plan that works for my business?"

How much is a confusing video costing you?

If your message is confusing, your video marketing will fail. Overcome all of these obstacles using this video marketing workshop to bridge the knowledge gap with some basics which are very easy to understand and very effective.

Businesses that have clarified their message and built a video strategy are more likely to continue growing with video and people will respond to your videos after you implement what you learn from this video workshop.

  • 90 minute session with a range of ideas to connect videos to your sales and marketing activities
  • 7 stage process that simplifies the endless creative variables of video production with tangible results
  • Leverage engaging videos for your company’s website, social and offline channels
  • Clarify your video messages in minutes and know you're doing it right with immediate feedback
  • Get ways to repurpose, recycle & reuse video content across multiple channels
  • Examples of how Australian businesses are using videos to improve marketing results



Who is this for...

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Get tactics your competitors will not know from Google's highest-rated video company in Australia.

Laina O'Donnell, Commercial Director

"Our whole sales team had a workshop... we'll be incorporating many of his recommendations into marketing and comms strategies."

Haley Doel, Marketing Manager ANZ

"A great, energetic presentation from Chris, with lots of valuable insights."

Daniel Hale, Managing Director

"... came away with really useful, practical advice that cuts through the noise and makes real sense."

About the speaker


Chris delivers 100’s of videos every year to businesses and advises on best practice for creating, implementing and measuring video ROI.

He has a 20+ year history as a Video Director, Script Writer and Presenter as well as a regular Podcast Host and video Coach. 

With experience in feature films and a Swim Survival viral video, which has reached over 4 million Facebook fans, Chris’ passion is delivering authentic, clear and precise video content.



AU$ 47

L24, Three International Towers, 300 Barangaroo Ave, Sydney

  • Live 90-min session from Chris Schwager
  • Get coaching and feedback on your message
  • Clarify your video messages in just minutes and know you’re doing it right
  • 7 stage process that simplifies the endless creative variables of video production

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Learn The Power of Video Marketing (Workshop)

An essential video workshop to help you clarify your video messages.


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