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Don't let hours of frustration and poor recordings tarnish your personal brand.

Unlock the secrets of camera confidence and make a lasting impression! 


Afraid of embarrassing yourself on camera?

"I want to switch careers and be an actress”
"Helped us clarify the right presentation skills.”
"Made a huge difference to the overall quality”
"Very professional, thank you for your patience"

Presentation skills don't happen from rehearsing in the mirror –



Watch what you'll learn

Don't let the camera intimidate you!

Unlock the secrets of camera confidence and make a lasting impression! Discover how to present like a pro and connect with your audience through our highly interactive On Camera Training and Presentation Skills Training. Don't let hours of frustration and poor recordings tarnish your personal brand.


Unlock Your Camera Confidence with Ridge Films' On Camera Training!

Avoid hours of frustration and wasted recordings.

Our course is designed to dramatically improve your presentation skills.

Identify intangibles like humour, empathy and energy, from an experienced director.

Dramatically improve the perception of your personal brand with a better connection to your audience.

Create a well-rehearsed, conversational and confident performance with skills of a professional presenter.

Master the 5 performance pillars proven to create natural looking videos.

Master the 5 Performance Pillars for Natural Videos

These 5 performance pillars, proven to create natural-looking videos, will transform the way you communicate on camera:

Understand Where to Look and How to Talk

Connect with your audience by using the right camera techniques.

Make-up and Wardrobe Choices

Tailor your appearance to convey the perfect message.

Body Language to Complement Your Message

Master non-verbal cues to support your key messages.

Mastering the Teleprompter

Learn the tools that will assist you in delivering seamless presentations.

DIY Video Protocols

Become self-sufficient in creating amazing videos by adopting professional protocols.

Videographers won't teach you how to present to camera

Ridge Films provide everything you need.

  • Understand where to look and how to talk
  • Make-up and wardrobe choices
  • Body language to compliment your message
  • How to read using a teleprompter to assist you
  • Professional protocols you can apply to your DIY videos
Watch behind the scenes

Meet Your Trainer

In the realm of on-camera training, Chris Schwager stands as a pioneering force, revolutionising the way individuals and businesses communicate through video. With over two decades of expertise as a video director, scriptwriter, presenter, podcast host, and video coach, Chris has honed a transformative methodology that transcends traditional training approaches. His meticulously crafted course is designed to make a substantial impact on your presentation skills, ensuring a seamless and compelling on-camera performance. 

The Benefits are Boundless!

Unlock a plethora of benefits that can reshape your career and personal brand:

Don't waste countless hours recording bad takes yourself

  • Continuously repeating bad presenting habits.
  • Trying to developing and perfect your message.
  • Struggling to find the right processes, rehearsing, shooting & never being happy.
  • Or employing Videographers and agencies to help you at significant expense.
  • And then after all that still battling with your on camera confidence.

Stop wasting countless hours and go with the solution that removes all of these headaches and gets you producing high quality video in volume.

On Camera Training

All you need to improve your presenting

 Includes: 90 minute 1-1 Training with a Professional Video Coach & Presenter, Access to a Professional Studio (or via Zoom), Messaging & Script Templates, Wardrobe Advice, Initial Assessment and Realtime Replay of your Performance.


Through this session you will rehearse a scripted video presentation to develop skills you can use to start recording.

Team Training

Boost your team's ability to deliver presentations with our tailored team training packages. On-camera training is also bundled with other video production solutions, making it affordable and incredibly value-packed.

200+ Reviews 5/5 Rating

"In a fast changing digital landscape, this is exactly what you want"

"I am so glad I chose to outsource this"

Our Guarantee!

We are so confident in the quality of our training that we offer a 3-month guarantee. If you produce a video with us within 3 months and feel that you need additional training, we will train you again free of charge!


Perfect for professional & DIY videos, webinars & live presentations. Learn from your home, office or studio and schedule your training with ease.


Maximise the time you spend presenting with training for...

  • Internal Comms Messages
  • Pre-Recorded Webinars
  • LinkedIn Introductions
  • Social Media Updates
  • Presenting Video Newsletters
  • Live Presentations/Shows
  • Help and Support Emails
  • All Marketing and Training Videos
  • Offline Marketing Collateral
  • Personalised Sales Messages
  • Video Conferences

Enquire before time runs out and we'll upgrade your first video for FREE

Enquire now and we'll upgrade your first video for FREE! Kickstart your video marketing by promoting a Personal Profile video on social media. Don’t miss the opportunity to take your presenting to new heights with Ridge Films' On Camera Training. Develop the skill-sets needed to make engaging and effective presentations that will leave your peers in awe. Your next presentation deserves the best. Your audience awaits. 











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