What are the Best Practices in Video Selling

free video coaching Apr 06, 2022

Video has proven to be a powerful tool in selling and marketing. You can showcase your service or product and how it works, show the culture of the company, or have people talk about your business through their personal experiences, in different platforms and in different video formats.

But how do you get people to check your website or watch these well-produced videos? How do you create a following?

Personalised videos have been an underrated means of outreach. But for us, this has been the game changer for the business. By humanising our outreach, we've had a 70% increase in conversion rate in terms of proposals and sales. And there's no one better than Chris Schwager, video marketer and co-founder of Ridge Films, to attest its power in pumping conversion. 

Here are tips or best practices in video selling effectively.

  1. Put a face on your brand or business because people still buy from people they can trust. 
  2. Your personalised videos should be helpful and respectful of people's time. 
  3. Get your script right so that people understand what you're selling.  

We're always helping the business community to become better video marketers and we love to help you maximise your video ROI. With Ridge Films DIY Desktop Studio, you can produce exceptional quality videos, like adding intro video in your emails. This way, you'll leave an impression that will be hard to forget. 


Written By:
Christine C. Camarillo


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 Chris Schwager

Chris Schwager is an Inbound Video Marketing Specialist with 20+ year history as a Video Director, Script Writer and Presenter as well as a regular Podcast Host and video coach. He's on a mission to change how Corporate Organisations, Government & Small Businesses use DIY and professional videos to improve communication, leads and sales.


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