From Stuck to Superstar: Breaking Through Video Production Roadblocks

From Stuck to Superstar: Breaking Through Video Production Roadblocks (Episode 155)

video marketing podcast video production Jun 21, 2023

Are you tired of investing in video production tools and resources, only to get stuck and never actually using them properly? It's a familiar territory and way too common problem many content creators face, but fear not! In this episode of the Video Made Simple podcast, we're here to help you break free from the rut and unleash your video production potential.

Join host Chris Schwager (Video Marketer and Co-Founder of Ridge Films) as he delves into the world of video production roadblocks and shares powerful insights to help you break free from stagnation. Discover the reasons behind why individuals struggle to start creating videos despite having all the necessary equipment. Is it overwhelming, fear of failure, or high expectations holding you back? Chris explores these barriers and provides actionable strategies to overcome them. Learn the importance of breaking down the video production process into manageable tasks, seeking support and educational resources, adopting a growth mindset, and setting realistic goals and deadlines. Chris also emphasizes the value of accountability and surrounding yourself with a supportive community.

Whether you're a beginner or have dabbled in video production but can't seem to progress, this episode is filled to the bream with practical tips to help you crush your roadblocks and become a video creator pro.

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Video Transcription:

 Chris Schwager

It is common for people to face obstacles when diving into new creative endeavors like video production. But here's the thing that baffles me. Many folks invest in all the tools and resources to create content like ring light, look at my fancy light, my fancy DSLR camera only to get stuck and never actually using them properly, even if it's all been systemized. It leaves us wondering, to a certain degree, you know, is it, is this just procrastination? Or do people lack the proper knowledge and direction. I'm your host, Chris Schwager, and this is the Video Made Simple podcast.

[00:00:40] Where is this all coming from? Well, it's always been around with the rise of online platforms. It's easier than ever to reach an audience, and it's natural to be inspired by those success stories. For me. Gary Vaynerchuk, of course, you might have heard me talking about him. These content creators who started from home, from nothing. That's why many individuals invest in video production tools and services to make their mark in the digital world.

[00:01:07] So much so that we developed the DIY Desktop Studio for desktop, the DIY video creators to make things look a lot more professional and make it easier for them. But here's the twist, after a month or two, some folks ended up in a strange limbo, never touching it again. And that was the earliest stages. And the reason for this was because the, the lack of knowledge and education. So equipment, even if it's kickass and it's work and it's beautiful looks, makes you look and sound amazing at your desk will always be equipment at your desk, unless you have the proper instructions of how to use it, how to implement it, how to systemize it so that you can get the maximum benefit. So let's explore some possible reasons why individuals may struggle to begin creating videos despite having the necessary equipment.

[00:01:58] Well, one feeling overwhelmed and fear of failure. I think there are very two different things, feeling overwhelmed, like there's so many things that they've gotta consider. And then the fear of failure is probably the separate point. But starting a new video project can be overwhelming, especially if one lacks experience or confidence in their abilities. The fear of failure or producing subpar content can hinder individuals from taking the first step. Hmm. I'm sure you've heard of many of people doing that process. And it was funny that 10 years ago, digital marketers and experts got up on stage and they said, Hey, you've got an iPhone in your pocket. You are a video producer. Go forth and start producing video content. And that is right and that is wrong. That works for some people. That doesn't work for others. Right? And so, the missing link in that, in that quest to create ongoing content, morning, noon, or night from your smartphone is always going to be why? What's the implementation? How do we get it going? How do we make this streamline? How do I not suck on camera? Still so many variables that come with that ease, that mobility of being able to have that video production suite in your pocket and that is what all this is about. If you enhance that knowledge and that technical skillset, you'll also be able to do both. You'll have the the video production studio in your pocket, and you'll have a good understanding of how to implement it.

[00:03:39] Some individuals may feel intimidated by the technical aspects of video production, um, presenting on camera, turning the equipment on, finding the right software to get recorded and edited and whatnot. And, uh, limited knowledge or skills in these areas can make the process seem daunting and discourage people from starting.

[00:03:58] Perfectionism and high expectations. These are also really serious things, and it's not just perfectionism in video. It's perfectionism in life, isn't it? Striving for perfection or setting high expectations for the final outcome can be paralyzing. The fear of not meeting superimposed, superimposed standards can prevent individuals from even starting the video production process. So let's think about this for a second. The desktop video studio is not for procrastinators.

[00:04:32] Look, time constraints and prioritizing are some of the most difficult things in business, not just in video, but in business. If you can't prioritize time. You, uh, it's gonna be very hard for you to get things going in the way that you want them. Busy schedules and competing responsibilities can make it challenging to allocate time for video creation. People may prioritize other tasks or feel overwhelmed by their ex existing commitments. Leading to this sense of procrastination.

[00:05:05] Here are ways to overcome all of these barriers. Are you ready? Are you ready for it?

[00:05:11] Number one, break down the process into smaller, manageable tasks. So, How do you eat an elephant? It's the analogy here, and it was, this is what was taught to me years ago as we found it very difficult to break down all the different tasks in business, not just in video, but in business was okay, you've got an elephant. How do you eat an elephant? And that is one piece at a time, one chunk at a time. Just focus on getting biting off one thing and do it right, get it done, learn from it, and move on to the next bite by focusing on one step at a time. Example, scripting, turning on the equipment, recording, presenting. The overall process becomes less overwhelming. Now, what I've just described to you there. Has been overly simplified and I understand as a business owner operator for 21 years, I understand that that still is and can be seen, seen as a daunting exercise. I. Yeah, and the only reason we deciphered the code and got a process that was methodical, that was committed to muscle memory and just over time just became, you know, just like any other task in the business, very, very simple, very easy was because we had a coach. You know, quite frankly, I, I put all of these years of getting this right down by having a. Business coach for us, that simplified the process. And for me now coaching others in business through video, having a video coach is the trilogy. In some cases, for a lot of my clients, they say, I've got a business coach, I've got a life coach, and now a video coach.

[00:06:58] That tri, that trilogy of coaches is what is making them real rock stars, real. Uh, Uh, instruments, communicators, strong communicators, getting their thing out to market because they're freed up their time. They are less stressed and less overwhelmed, and they're getting more valuable content out to the market, out to those people who care. And also allowing themselves the time to rest, the time to spend time with their loved ones, to work on the business, to interact and engage with their clients, the things that they ought to be doing. But sometimes they've been bogged down because they've gotta record a video.

[00:07:40] All right, let's get onto two. Seek support and resources. Look for educational resources, tutorials, or workshops that can help you build your knowledge and skills. Join a community or or forum where you can seek advice. Listen to this podcast. You know, we'll be sharing the progress, receiving constructive feedback for you and helping fellow creators through this process. And you can also reach out to us and, and ask questions and come to one of our workshops as well that we run monthly. So, They are really great. Start sub Submersing yourself. Don't expect that you go from zero to rockstar video marketer overnight. It takes time just like it takes time to li learn all these skills in your business. How to market, how to sell, how to manage your finances. They're various, very similar, similar things. Okay, and how do you run a video arm of your business?

[00:08:31] Let's go to three. Adopt a growth mindset and embrace imperfection. Look what I think that again is overly simplified way. Oh, adopt a, you know, bing, I've got a growth mindset. You know, I think that, I think that's very easy to say, but takes time and focus and persistence. Uh, approach the learning process with enthusiasm. The more of a smile you put on your face and go, you know what? It's gonna be hard. It's gonna be a challenge, but if I gravitate towards the things I hate, the things I don't want to do, then you will understand the process and also what you can possibly outsource and move to someone else later on. And understanding their initial attempts may not be perfect, but they provide valuable learning opportunities for improvement.

[00:09:19] Okay, four. Set realistic goals and deadlines for your video projects. Break down larger projects into smaller milestones to give yourself a sense of accomplishment and motivation throughout the process. I think that's important. Give yourself a pat on the back when you've done a video. Do you know what I mean? Like, Hey, you know, like it looks like shit, but hey, it's bloody better than what I was doing, you know, that that is a milestone. Do you know what I mean? You should acknowledge that. Uh, because I guess, uh, that's a bit of a rags to Rich's story in some way because once you invest in the DIY Desktop Video Studio, you are gonna kick ass and you're going to acknowledge the, the times that you were there stuck in your car for eight hours, trying to perfect your one minute video on your iPhone.

[00:10:04] You're gonna acknowledge those as you know. Sort of like playing in the dirt, if you like, and how you've been able to come out of that and, and look for ways to streamline the whole process.

[00:10:17] And finally embrace accountability and support systems. And I think it's very easy for us, we've always been told, you know, you're in a partnership, shouldn't you both be able to, you know, be accountable to each other and, you know, figure it all out in business? And it's like, yeah, we are accountable to each other. However, when we don't know, then what? Are we just trying to bite off that massive elephant we don't know anything about? No, we, we call on a business coach. We call on somebody that has experience and can lead us down a path far quicker than we would ordinarily do ourselves. So surround yourself with a supportive environment where you can share your goals and progress the with peers or mentors. Explore those challenges, group projects, collaborations to hold yourself accountable and find motivation to start creating.

[00:11:04] Remember, addressing these challenges requires understanding your unique needs and motivations. It's important to acknowledge and emphasize it's important to empathize with your own struggles and seek practical solutions and support to overcome inertia. By doing so, you can embark on your video creation journey with confidence, with vigor and make meaningful progress.

[00:11:35] Wanna know about how to overcome video production roadblocks? Well, our team of experts provides personalized coaching. That's video coaching to help you break through barriers and optimize video creation processes. Contact us today, learn how we can support your video marketing journey, and don't forget to subscribe to our channel for valuable tips and insights on creating impactful videos.

[00:11:54] That's all for this episode. Thank you so much for listening, and see you next week.


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