Video Presentation Tips: Deliver with Energy

Video Presentation Tips: Deliver with Energy (Episode 110)

video marketing podcast Jun 06, 2022

You can be presenting the most boring topic in the world, but still capture and hold the viewer's interest with how much life you put into your performance. And that is the best asset a presenter can have: energy. 

Welcome to 'Video Tips,' the Video Made Simple podcast segment where we offer strategies for on-camera presentation, scripting, and video marketing: all the tools you need to get started with videos.

In this episode, Chris Schwager, Video Marketer from Ridge Films, talks about why putting energy in your speech helps your audience hang on to your presentation and better understand your message. Realise how to sustain your energy while in the spotlight, and why dialling energy to 7 out of 10 is the ideal range to perform your presentation. 

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Video Transcription:

 Chris Schwager 0:03

Welcome to the Video Made Simple podcast where we help take the mystery out of video and break through the monotony of day-to-day communication. I'm your host, Chris Schwager. And if you want your presentation to be memorable, then deliver it with energy. And what I want to do in this episode is give you some presentation tips that will help with your performance.

Now, energy, it's a noun, it means life, vigor, spirit, and you need to bring that to your performance. Your presentation may be full of interesting information but without energy, nobody will remember what you were even talking about. Energy is infectious. That if you don't bring it, it becomes a repellent. People will stay engaged when they feel the energy and love from you.

Energy is the presenter's best asset to control how much work the audience needs to do to stay engaged. So if you bring a certain amount of energy, it will make it easier for your audience to hang on, to continue listening. Okay, so are you making life easier? Or are you making it harder for your audience when they watch your performance?

Okay, so here's an example, if I started this next bit here without any energy, here we go. "Welcome to the Video Made Simple podcast. I'm your host, Chris Schwager." Versus, with energy "Welcome to the Video Made Simple podcast. I'm your host, Chris Schwager." Now, obviously, there's tonal differences, there's a whole bunch of other things that come as a result. And if you had listened to any of the earlier podcasts around tone and inflection, when you bring a greater amount of energy to performance, everything else follows right, your body language moves a little bit faster and a little bit more fluid, your tone, you're slightly higher in your delivery, your inflection, all the movement and mannerisms of your performance dance a little bit more, right.

And, you know, if you have ever seen anyone come out on stage who's not very experienced presenter, and they're common in flat, and the fumbling around trying to get the PowerPoint slides up, and you know, they're just looking disengaged or nervous, they're not sure where they whether they should be there. Look, that's what I'm talking about. That's, that's a really flat entry. That's, that's, you know, running the risk of having people you know, check their watch, open up their computer, go to the bathroom, get a coffee, you know, look around the room, you know, people will switch off because they don't think that what's been performed, or what's been presented on stage is done with any love. And so therefore, why should they give it any love to listen?

So you really want to be breaking that. In video, obviously, we know how important it is, particularly in those first couple of seconds to grab attention fast energy and bringing that momentum to performance is going to be your best bet to getting people listening every single time.

So here's some tips on how to sustain energy throughout your presentation: do some warm ups, you know, don't go just cold, covering going cold, you know, crank the volume, stand up, sit up, speak with a bit of enthusiasm and conviction, speak with intention. And be present, be in the moment. You know, if you fumble and faff about. That's okay, as long as you're there and you're trying your best.

There is a process that I go through with all of my people, all of my students in on camera training. And I just get them to understand there's a scale it's at scale, very simple scale of zero to 10. And most people who read from a teleprompter for the first time really give us a bit of a flat scale of like five out of 10.

Now, a zero is (drops to whisper) "Hi, Welcome to a Video Made Simple podcast" versus a 10, which is me shouting at the top of my lungs and screaming at the top of my voice, right? People typically come in with a five, they don't want to be here or there. They just kind of come in and they read it from the teleprompter. A lot of the time that read, it's funny. What I'm finding now that I have children, a lot of that time that read is like a six-year-old reading for the first time. They have, it's so flat down, they're not on the not using any punctuation correctly, they're not giving it any love whatsoever.

And what I'm training them to do is to get to a seven, get them delivering some engagement, some fun, some excitement, some love and energy into the performance so that they get the longevity out of the video, right? You don't want to have this flat performance in three years time and you're going oh my god, it was just horrible. You know, the whole experience was terrible. I you know, didn't know what I was doing and blah, blah, blah, right? You want to come back and five years ago that was the best performance I could do at that period of time when I had when I knew as much as I know, right? And this is an evolving skill set. You know the, there's always room for improvement, you'll always be learning new things. But the sooner you understand that you got to hit that 7 out of 10.

Now, obviously, this is mostly for sales and marketing content. If you're doing something for a bloody funeral parlor or whatever, obviously, you might deliver it slightly differently. But typically 9 times out of 10, it's a 7 out of 10, give us some energy! Punch it. Let's listen. Let's hear what you have to say. Get on with it. Don't waste time, and people will love you for it. The video you produce may last you for years, so be energetic when you deliver your first take. In the world of video. A lazy 5 out of 10 is not enough. So you've got to be engaging in cast the impression that you're a professional, an authority and someone people need to watch.

If you want more personalised coaching around this, then be sure to leave a comment let us know how we can help. The beauty of having your own presenter coach is they'll give you constant feedback. You'll pick it up quickly with a performance that's consistent delivering a message that people will want to watch. And don't forget to subscribe to this channel, where you'll get weekly Video Made Simple ideas to present your videos like a pro. That's all for this episode. Thank you so much for listening and see you next week.


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