Demystify Financial Planning With 3 Essential Videos

Demystify Financial Planning With 3 Essential Videos (Episode 85)

video marketing podcast Dec 02, 2021

Financial planning is a great strategy to manage your finances and achieve your goals. But it will only work if your prospects understand how to navigate through this jargon-filled process. The last thing you want is leaving them to read a text-based stock photo-packed website with Terms-and-Conditions-page vibes that nobody reads.

Welcome to 'Get Coached', the Video Made Simple podcast segment where you submit your video marketing questions and Chris will help coach you through them.

In this episode, Chris Schwager, Video Marketer from Ridge Films, will coach you through three types of videos you can use to attract prospects and get them to invest in financial planning.

When you listen you will understand the importance of each type of video and what role they play in relaying key messages to your prospects. Learn the crucial role of writing scripts to simplify the jargon that often bamboozle clients. Finance may be a tough subject to hold your prospects' interest. But with the right strategy, your videos can help them cross that bridge.

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Welcome to the Video Made Simple podcast where we take the mystery out of producing videos on your host, Chris Schwager and today's get coach question is from Julie. And Julie wants to know, what kind of videos can you use to attract clients to invest in financial planning. And financial planning is a great sector for us to talk about because we have so many clients already targeted in that industry. So we know what the challenges are. And a lot of the time, it's not video related. It's message related.

They have a lot of technical jargon that they need to simplify, and they need to ensure that it is clear for all of their audience. It's very familiar from financial planners to talk about what they know. But often there's a disconnect between how they communicate that to the people that really matter the people that are buying from them. And they could be creatives like me, often I get bamboozled talking to financial planners, you need to find new ways to simplify that. And sometimes producing videos and getting a video script writer involved to simplify that message is a great way to start. And so thank you so much for asking this question, Julie. Hopefully, in the next couple of minutes, I can break down some of the videos that are going to be appropriate for you.

Because I know financial planners have many hats, they've got to be many people at once in some respect: asset managers, financial planners, they got to be handling administration, they're kind of like the therapist for families. And then of course, they've got to sell and market as well. And all of this whilst trying to break down complex subjects, for the audience and for the people that are buying from them. Banking and Finance is a technical, you know, worthy industry. And it has also attached to it that it's boring. And I think most financial planners would agree. And that can pose problems. But if you know who you're talking to, then you can make this far easier and fun, too. But if you're clear about it, and you're creative, in some respect about how you deliver your message, you can attract the maximum audience possible.

So the first step to attract and retain your prospects and clients and gain their trust needs to be something more than just a text-based website or stock images on your website. The following videos that I've prepared for you are the best way to show that you're trustworthy, that you can talk their language and then you can simplify everything down to provide the right solution for them.

Let's start with the first video. And I'm recommending what's called a company profile video. A company profile, communicating very short period of time who the company is, what the company does, how the company helps and what value it provides. And it's very much an overarching view of the business that clarifies the basic functionality or capabilities of the organization. This is such a valuable asset because we know that most businesses, not just in financial services suffer from the lack of articulating and communicating that basic message.

So for instance, you get a website, you look at it says, "Hey, I'm a financial planner!" But you really don't understand what that is. Well, a company profile video can explain it in more detail. Give the prospect more clarity over what you do and help them to do business with you and inquire with you. So that's the first suggestion company profile, biggest seller in our portfolio and highly recommended.

The second video our videos that can educate your buyer. 69% of customers prefer using videos to learn something about you over reading text. And so video becomes a valuable asset when it's done right. And you are building trust with your audience to ensure that they are getting good quality information delivered at the right time. And that video is helping to nurture them to the next step. So these types of education style videos could be how-to's, there could be explainer videos, there could be product or service videos that give overarching view on what the differentiator for products or services within your industry.

Why choose those particular products or services? And ultimately, that's leading to why choose the organization? So these are effectively information videos that help to further a buyer's perspective on you and make sure that they are continually building trust that you are able to carry out the task that they are wanting.

The third one is customer testimonials. This is great conversion content. So for instance, if a buyer has awareness of you, they have already watched your company profile video, they are confident, they watched your service overview video so they know that you provide, what services you provide, and the value of those services and why they need them. Then they want to know who else is having a great experience by choosing you?

So the company testimonies are validating that you have great customers who are happy using your service and have results from using your service. And once the prospective buyer has all those checkbox, they are then confident to move forward. So the customer testimonials like the last video that they want to see before they sign on the line that it's dotted. So really powerful stuff highly undervalued and underestimated, and really great for you to move forward, right? But you really need to make sure that you understand what are the priorities for your business right now, because it's difficult and overwhelming to do all three of those suggestions at once. You need to understand what are the challenges within your business that you need to address first, and then go for the video that is actually going to address that need first, right? And then progressively roll out those other videos.

Customer stories can be challenging to get those and to get good customer stories. You don't want your customer saying "oh, they were great, they were affordable, they turn up on time. They are there when we need them." It's kind of boring kind of flaky, right? You want real value from these people and you want it authentically. So make sure that you choose your people wisely. And you've constantly looked for potential candidates that will be willing to go on camera and talk about how wonderful you are.

By breaking down the information into these types of videos, your prospects are able to slowly but surely learn about your company your services, and why existing clients give positive feedback. With these informative and entertaining videos. Your prove that you are a trustworthy and established organization on the open market. There's an increase in viewership to your website, you'll get increase in prospects doing business with you and a higher chance of converting investors and converting them into clients. Using these video marketing ideas helps build trust from prospects. Trust equates to higher chances of conversion.

Do you need help clarifying your message then jump on a video call for 15 minutes with me so I can talk you through video scripting and how you can keep your video message conversational, clear and relaxed. We've helped hundreds of professionals just like you in the financial services industry with their message so go to in the show notes and let me help you attract your clients like a pro.

And Julie, thank you so much for asking your question. What kind of videos can you use to attract clients to invest in your financial planning business? And if you use these methods of I've coached you through to use videos and gain their trust, I'm sure that this is going to help convert prospects into clients and investors for your business. And for listeners out there, what has you feeling overwhelmed? Submit your video marketing question to for your chance to get coached by me. That's and thanks for listening. See you next week.

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