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Did you like this video? We bet you did.

As professionals or business marketers, nothing is more important than making the first impression that leads people to the goal -- to buy from you. 

It's essential, therefore, that you look and sound like a pro to show prospects that you're the person they are looking for. And in this age, where people are almost always online or on their social media, the best way you can do that is through video. 

But you'd think -- oh, but Chris is a production director. Of course he's gonna know all about the lights, sounds, and camera angles. We're just trying to manage our own DIY videos using our latest smartphone.

And that's alright. We do encourage learning the process of producing videos. You'll go through trial and error on your own, while your business takes a backseat. But get this, nobody said you can't get an expert to assist your videos. There are no clear-cut rules to making DIY videos. There is only one goal: to present yourself the best way you can and deliver clear message to your prospects and clients. They will love you for it, just like our customers did.

We've had a 70% increase in conversion rate for proposals and sales during pandemic. And if we can do it, you can do it too. The faster you can produce videos, the better. 

Enter, the DIY Video Program. The program gives you an opportunity to:

  • Produce professional videos that are on brand;
  • Own a DIY Desktop Kit that you can use with a flick of a switch;
  • Discover different ways to create video content for marketing without getting sidetracked -- all at the comforts of your own home.

A professional videographer will set up your kit for you so you don't need to build on your own. Rather than get distracted by the technicalities of production and slow your business down, we'd rather have you put all your focus in your business, script, and delivery. 

And this is where it gets more exciting. 

In a series of videos, we'll show you a better way to create videos and to present yourself better. We'll take you through the scripting and presenting process, and even show you how to create and attach a video to your email without a sweat. 

Creating DIY videos should be easy and it should work. And we’re here to back you up. 💯

Ready to create your own videos without the hassle? Go to and check out how to professionally produce your own Do It Yourself videos.

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Written by: 

Christine C. Camarillo





 Chris Schwager

Chris Schwager is an Inbound Video Marketing Specialist with 20+ year history as a Video Director, Script Writer and Presenter as well as a regular Podcast Host and video coach. He's on a mission to change how Corporate Organisations, Government & Small Businesses use DIY and professional videos to improve communication, leads and sales.


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