You Don't Need To Be a Video Pro to Make Professional DIY Videos

diy video production free video coaching Feb 22, 2022

Did this video make you feel excited?

Back in HQ, everyone’s vibing to the latest video we made for the DIY Desktop Studio. Chris' been bringing it up in our meeting for ages, and even had us glimpse to a portion of this project. But none of that came close to the completed video. That's the reason you hire professionals to do this level of shooting and editing.

Creating stop animation is laborious work. Just watching Chris navigate every movement for every frame, looked like he went through a painstaking process. No wonder it took him seven years to come back and try it again. The delay played well into the timing and resources to come up with something of this calibre. And he is just starting. 

But you don't need to master this to create professional videos.

What you can see right now is the DIY Desktop Studio at work. Packed with camera, lights, and teleprompter, you can record videos any time, any day, and look and sound like a pro. You don't even need to lift a finger to assemble it. A professional Cinematographer will deliver and install it at your place, so that the only thing you need to do is push the button to turn it on, and press record.

But the biggest takeaway is what comes with it: the support and training for your scripting and on-camera presentations as well as ongoing editing. Once you level up your skills, everything else becomes easy. And once you consider having it at your desk, the possibilities are endless -- vlogs, online presentations, Zoom meetings, on-camera podcasts, personalised video messages, course content, sales video emails and so much more that you'll never look back again.

There is a lot to unpack if you want to make the most of your video marketing investment. And everything starts with why. Why are you making videos? Who is your audience? After that, you'll find it easier to build your ongoing story. 

Our DIY Video Program has everything you need to bring your videos to life quickly and easily. With access to top-of-the-line video hardware, resources and practical training programs, you'll have all the tools and knowledge needed to create amazing content on a budget. Our program is perfect whether you're looking to kickstart your video production career or create great videos.

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Written By:
Christine C. Camarillo


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