Video Marketing in 2022: 5 Key Trends to Design Your Strategy

Video Marketing in 2022: 5 Key Trends to Design Your Strategy (Episode 90)

video marketing podcast Jan 11, 2022

New Year, new goals! And if you're still wondering what game plan you need to kick off your video marketing campaign this year, there's no need to look far than the trends that proved to be effective last year.

Welcome to 'Get Coached,' the Video Made Simple podcast segment where you submit your video marketing questions and Chris will help you coach through them. 

In this episode, Chris Schwager, Video Marketer from Ridge Films, will coach you through five video marketing trends that has proven to be effective the past year and will likely make an impact on 2022.

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 Chris Schwager 0:01

Welcome to the Video Made Simple podcast and Happy New Year! It's 2022, what happened to 21? Oh my god, what happened to that I'm your host, Chris Schwager, we are very excited to have you listening in watching wherever you are. Thank you so much your support over the last 18 months has been absolutely phenomenal. Getting this podcast running and getting an operating and more importantly helping you with your Get Coached questions, helping you helping interviewees helping the people that have appeared on our show. And also for those that have also allowed me the time on your show, I thank you for hopefully, it's added some value to your audience. And we can't wait to do more of it in this year.

What I want to do is just do a little recap and give you some of the highlights, I reckon they're going to be huge for video marketing in 2022. I'm sure marketers would like to know what's in store for the future to try and get ahead of their curve, get better prepared, I guess. Christmas caught everybody off guard, I've still got boxes in the background here of my shot in the studio, waiting to get the Boxing Day and re-gifting of boxes re-gifting of presence over and done with and so that I can move on and keep blasting away for next year. So let's explore a couple of types of videos and video marketing techniques, I guess that we think will be really great moving forward for you.

If you're a business that's enjoyed the uptick in sales after you've used videos for your marketing, or you're starting a business this year. And we'd like to know more about how video marketing can help you on your quest, then listen up, people listen up, because this is an exciting episode. Because 2021 was hugely exciting for us. We saw such a positive response to our reply inquiry videos, to our proposal walkthrough videos. And they were just two big game changers for us and nobody saw them, you know, they weren't getting 1000s of views on LinkedIn on YouTube. But these were videos that were been so helpful for our prospective buyers to make decisions and do it with confidence that they were being guided and nurtured very much in a one on one type of scenario.

And I think that's why it was such a valuable asset for our business. And we are just encouraging more and more DIY about DIY clients or professional video marketers just to think about this opportunity, you know, to integrate video into your sales. You know, it's not all about marketing, you know, it is about still winning deals about building confidence in that deal stage about making sure that they feel confident that they're making the right decision by choosing you.

So look, now that I've done my pre ramble, let me give you five really great trends that I think are going to be really good for you in 2022. So personalized emails, as I said, if you have listened to the previous podcast, you would have picked up a lot around how important we think this is in the COVID pandemic lockdown environment, personalized emails, personalized sales, emails, personalized messages in video form is going to be the way forward and you know, lots of people are still have their hesitations like oh my god, isn't that a lot of work? Well, it isn't because we've worked out the process for you to be doing this. And there are so many hacks and shortcuts and ways to work around the manual labor. If you like of getting video in email, it is a process and the DIY video program is the best start to giving you the insights, you need to be able to do that really fast really effectively and to close more deals.

So number two, LinkedIn ads, we think that's going to be pretty interesting moving forward for 2022. Because publishing videos on LinkedIn 96% of buyers turn to videos to learn about product or service before buying. And we think that can be a really great opportunity on LinkedIn for that prospective buyers or even suspective buyers or suspects, as we like to call them, who don't know about you, but by you demonstrating what it is that you do the product service that you offer and how that solves a problem for them for their market, then we think that's a real eye opener and lots of the time organic reach not doing the paid advertising. The organic reach is a hard yakka it's hard yakka right. You got to keep crawling away, keep chipping away at it and it may take you several years to really build that type of following that would give organic and, and really good quality "viralicity" if you like to your content, you know it's a hard road. And ads may just be a way to fast track that and fast track that outside of your network on LinkedIn. That's something that we invested in in 2021, we're seeing returns on it. And LinkedIn advertising is very new on LinkedIn, and it will only be increasingly getting better and better as the platform improves.

Number three, repurposing content, look more, almost all of our videos now have some discussion around, okay, if we're going to build this video for five or 10, or $15,000, we're going to make sure that the ROI of that investment is well utilized. So what are we talking about when we're talking about repurposing? Well, it's about taking a polished piece of content that would otherwise sit on say LinkedIn, or YouTube or your home page, for instance, and snipping it up into small micro sized pieces that you could then use for, say, LinkedIn ads, or YouTube ads or Google ads, and get the visibility that it deserves, right? So the idea behind repurposing is that you've created the content, you've got the assets, you know, if you've got a good relationship with your video company, you should be able to work with them to bang out a whole bunch of little ads and little ideas and little concepts and little teasers if you're like that would entice people to want to watch the main feature, the big long video, which mind you is all in 90 seconds long or less. But that's the idea is to continually look for ways to leverage and extend the lifespan. And if you do this, you get great return on investment, right? Because you've got videos everywhere, you've taken the idea of one video, and made it into multiple videos, and the spread and the reach. And those multiple touch points that are reaching the market are going to be what pays off in the long run.

So number four, personal branding, personal branding. I mean, there's so much work done on LinkedIn, for instance, however, it's done on the iPhone and can be pretty ad hoc at times. Companies with personalized content see a higher rate of revenue and growth for their business. So think about what you're doing currently. And how can you improve it? Is it about image for you? Is it about the message for you, a lot of these things are solved through the DIY video program. You know, we obviously start with you looking and sounding and best. And if you're on YouTube, you would see this now looking and sounding your best. But it's also about us helping you with your message and looking for ways to call that down and be more succinct and sharp about what you're trying to get across. Those things are valuable assets moving forward into 22 and beyond. And they will only be increasingly more valuable. As the mediocracy of videos, webcam videos becomes dry, dull and boring. And people get sick and tired of it. And guys like us becoming our kick ass looking videos every single time from our desk, and really killing it and out-competing a lot of the time. So think about personal your personal brand. Think about using videos to extend the life of your personal brand. And really reach go above and beyond, as I say.

And number five video consultants that get to be more of an uprise in professional video consultants. So people that would be able to advise you then maybe you'd call them video strategist or you know, video marketing gurus or video marketing professionals or whatever you want to call them. But these types of people are going to be able to integrate video into your digital marketing your digital strategy. You know, a lot of people think about video and think, you know, isn't it just about switch on the camera and shooting and like, yeah, you can just get a videographer and aren't able to do it. It's like when we're talking about the masses of content that could be created. Like we have a DIY video client is using his DIY unit producing videos regularly for market updates on LinkedIn. He's interviewing his customers. He's giving video responses to them. He's helping them he's actually showing the property and helping them through that and talking through that. So there's a multitude of, not just one little thing that's not for YouTube necessarily, that's just him trying to be more present for his clients, right?

So the ways that businesses instinctively understand about video are pretty minimal, like in terms of their understanding, they think it's about YouTube and they don't really consider the opportunities to integrate video In a whole plethora of different ways, you know, and we've seen it more so since lockdown here, there's been a definite increase in the live video, synchronous, asynchronous videos, and hip of activity happening around that. But people are still not seeing the opportunities for video in sales and personalized videos, one on one video content stuff that has a very short lifespan is very is disposable in a way. But a hugely, hugely impactful, you know, think back, you know, 5-10 years ago, people were talking about viral content, they wanted to make the viral video, and I think you know, why personalized videos is the new viral because they have such a high conversion, they have such a big impact on the audience.

And it's usually, in some cases, an audience of one. But what it does to sway opinion and get people motivated, engaged in what it is that you're trying to offer, I think is where the real value lies. And I think the only way that you're really going to fully understand how this can work for your business is through the power of having a great video consultant, the strategist video marketer in there helping you with it. So we really think that that is the new I guess, career choice to come out of the video industry. You know, it's not about the videographers upright producing a lots of content and, and helping people produce the videos, it's really about the advisors, about the people that from the top down, that are going to look at businesses understand where the gaps are, and be able to plug all the holes in their digital strategy with video and really support the marketing team by integrating these things in there. So look out, if you're not appointing some kind of advisor for your business 2022 is really going to be a great time to be thinking about that and putting it into your 2023 budget.

And that pretty much wraps us up you can invest your time and your effort in taking advantage of these tried and tested opportunities and plan what videos to use in your marketing in 2022. Increase your viewership, increase engagement with your target market, increase chances of conversion to sale, and increase your ROI. That's what you'll do. These trends give you an idea of what is worked in '21 during the past year during the surge of the pandemic and lock downs and what is on the horizon for '22 ready to start your video marketing campaign.

Well why don't you jump on a call? Are you ready to start your video marketing campaign? Well, why don't you jump on a video call for 15 minutes with me so I can talk to you about the power of video and how you can keep your video messages, your on camera presence, your personal brand conversational clear, relaxed. You know we've helped hundreds of professionals just like you. So why don't you go ahead to click on the link in the show notes and attract prospects like a pro.

And I also just want to say by the end of 2021, thank you so much for your support again listening to these 2022 Video trends. Watch out and see how can make your business profitable this year. If you using these insights that I've shared with you to increase your sales and scale your company I'm sure this is going to be a really great helping you planning for your marketing strategy for the year. Thank you so much to Brendan Southall my business partner and comrade of 20 years this year to Christine Camarillo for all of your effort prepping, producing writing scripts, getting people on the show editing, content, distributing, delivering creating all the highlights that we've done this year. Thank you, thank you, thank you and all the best to you listeners for your support once again and have a profitable and powerful 2021. All the best.

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