What Are The Best Practices for Video Selling?

Get Coached - What Are The Best Practices for Video Selling? (Episode 76)

video marketing podcast Oct 08, 2021

With more and more people working from home and being more accessible online than ever, consumers are far less likely to give their time away. Video allows you to humanise your outreach and add the personal touch that will showcase your authentic self and earn trust from your prospects and clients. But are wondering how to fully harness the power of video selling?

Welcome to 'Get Coached', the Video Made Simple podcast segment where you submit your video marketing questions and Chris will help coach you through them.

In this episode, Chris Schwager, Video Marketer from Ridge Films, will coach you through the best practices for video selling.

Video for sales isn't rocket science and producing sales videos should be easy and they should work. Eliminating the tech hassles and learning production basics is vital.

Understand why putting a face to your name at the earliest stage of your buyer's journey is critical in you delivering a message that is relevant, compelling & memorable. Find out how you can establish a human connection using video selling, and build trust early so your prospective buyers are guaranteed to meet with you. Remember, buyers still want to do business with people who the like and trust


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Welcome to Get Coached, the Video Made Simple podcast segment where you submit your video marketing questions at Ridgefilms.com.au/question and I'll help coach you through them. While listening in each week, you'll learn how each video marketing problem is solved, giving you the knowledge that will make your videos more valuable. And so you come across as a true business professional on the open market.

I'm your host, Chris Schwager. And today's Get Coached question was submitted at Ridgefilms.com.au/question and is from Cameron. And what Cameron wants to know is, what are the best practices for video selling? And this is a good question and that in fact, it's right up my alley, Cameron. Because I do sell in a day and age where face to face interaction is limited video selling is critical in reaching out to your market and to establish rapport, to establish connections and to ultimately convert those prospects into clients.

Okay, Cameron. So this is what you need to know, is if you're helpful, with a personalized video sent at the right time for the right audience, and it's the right video, then people will pay attention. And this is uncommon, it's very uncommon. Most businesses are still out there trying to figure out how to market their business with corporate video, they're not thinking about ways to touch their audience, using personalized videos for their sales purposes.

It's no secret that face to face interactions close deals. You know, it's that human connection, where you're locking eyes, where people build that rapport and trust with you, because they see that you're willing to make an effort to help them. And when that's transpiring as video, you kind of do the same thing, right? In today's business landscape where virtual selling and remote working have been the next new platform for trying to entice your customers, video is the way to go. Because if you get the mechanism in place properly, this can work for you. And it can be really easy and really effective.

Video for sales doesn't have to be difficult. The best practices for creating effective sales videos could be as simple as recording yourself on an iPhone and sending that to them via MMS, for instance, or trying to figure out a way that you can actually transfer that into email. We have a really successful way of using the DIY video program what you're seeing right now, and recording sales videos directly into the email. And it uses script templates to remember what your lines are, when you're delivering that message and how to customize and change that for each prospect.

We have templates populate the subject line and the email. So you have to do very little writing little thinking. And therefore it virtually takes no time to do and it's really, really effective in getting people to pay attention and lead them to the next call to action. If you get those production basics right, like you've got your light sound, audio quality, camera quality, all ready to go, that tech is all sorted, then there shouldn't be any barriers to getting videos produced in this way.

If you can get your production basics right, so you light audio quality, camera, sound, etc. And you've got your script ready and your performance is natural and authentic and you know exactly what you're doing. Because you've done it plenty of times, then you're going to be in the best position to be producing these ty pes of videos with ease and speed. So that is ultimately one of the biggest things that determines your ability to do that ongoing. To do that so it's sustainable. The hardest thing I think a lot of people will come up with when they start to invest in equipment is it all becomes a bit too hard for them. And unfortunately, it all falls over because there is a lack of process. People really have not in the best position to be writing their own processes to do this. And therefore, they've probably overcomplicated it and they've not really been supported with somebody that can kind of advise them through that.

Once you get your script right, you know who your target is, you're getting some production basics out, you know what your messaging is. It's relevant, it's compelling. You'll understand as to why video selling has so much potential that other businesses have just not tapped yet. You know, we're talking about increased open rates, booking more meetings, closing deals, and really impressing people. When they're commenting and they're giving you that feedback, you know that you're in the best position and what you're doing is really working.

Humanize your face and put a face to your name at that early stage in your journey with your prospective buyer. Establish human connections because people still want to do business with people they know like and trust, okay. And the fastest way to deliver that trust is by putting your face out there, because people gravitate towards faces in that buying decision. Knowing how to produce effective sales videos is paramount and especially where face to face interaction is limited. We want the production to be as easy and those videos to work as part of the solution and ultimately get you more sales.

You do want your videos to look and sound professional, absolutely. But they've got to work and it's got to be easy and sustainable. And the good news is we have the DIY Video Program which supports you at every stage for you to do your own videos, with professional Lights, Camera sound teleprompter, everything you need to get started and get supported by Google's highest rated video company in the country. If you're interested in that, go to ridgefilms.com.au/diy and let us help you do it yourself.

We're always helping the business community to become better video marketers. So go to ridgefilms.com.au/diy and we'd love to help you maximize your video ROI. And Cameron, thanks so much man for asking your question. We know that video marketing can seem overwhelming, knowing what are the best practices for video selling. But if you use this method I've coached you through, I'm sure this is going to give you peace of mind and really help with what you're looking for in the first place something to help you figure out the best practices for video selling.

And for everybody else out there trying to solve the mystery of video marketing your business what has you feeling overwhelmed? On Get Coached, we are here to help coach you through it. Just submit your video marketing question to ridgefilms.com.au/question for your chance to get coached by me. Just go to ridgefilms.com.au/question and thanks so much for listening. See you next week.


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