Are Your On Camera Horror Stories Haunting You?

free video coaching Oct 28, 2021

You are about to go live.

You feel parched, sweaty, and feel like your heart is in your throat. Your eyes keep shifting as you try to remember your opening line. And even though you’ve run through the script minutes before, you can’t remember the first thing about it. 

It’s time and the crew is signalling. 3… 2… 1…

And all you remember is everything fading to black. 

The fear of presenting on camera is real and it’s here. Studies show that 77% of the population has some level of anxiety speaking to the public.  But in the age where being on video is tantamount to survival, it’s best to learn the ropes and face your fears.

Check out the list we’ve put together to help you trick your way out of your on-cam jitters. 


How to Make Your On Camera Presentation Stand Out


Is Presenting On Camera Holding You Back Part 1


Is Presenting On Camera Holding You Back Part 2


Australians Believe Your On Camera Presenting Sucks! 


Remember, your on-camera presentations are not for you. It’s not all about you. It’s all about what your audience will feel as a result of watching your video and leading them to heed your call of action.


Written By: Christine C. Camarillo 


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 Chris Schwager

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