Can Videos Help Increase Sales?

Get Coached - Can Videos Help Increase Sales? (Episode 63)

video marketing podcast Jun 25, 2021

A video can give your brand a face (quite literally, if you show the faces of the people behind it) and people love something that they can connect with and feel a part of.

Welcome to 'Get Coached', the Video Marketing Legend podcast segment where you submit your video marketing questions and Chris will help coach you through them.

In this episode, Chris Schwager, Video Marketer from Ridge Films, will reveal how implementing a personalised video early in the buyer's journey can help increase the sales in an environment that is often missing the human touch. Find out the step-by-step proven process of Ridge Films that delivered amazing impact in their sales conversion.

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Welcome to Get Coached the video marketing legend podcast where you submit your video marketing question at and I'll help coach you through them. By listening in each week you'll learn how each video marketing problem is solved, giving you the knowledge that will make your videos more valuable. And so you come across as a true professional on the open market.

I'm your host, Chris Schwager. Today's Get Coached question was submitted at and is from Amber. What Amber wants to know is can videos actually help increase sales?

This is an important question, because we all want to know how to leverage our video marketing investment, our time and to make sure that every dollar spent is improving our bottom line. Okay, so Amber, this is what you need to know first. Yes. Yes, videos can actually help increase sales. In fact, I would go as far as saying that actually directly relate in more sales.

We say this because we are the best case study for this because 12 months ago, we were just doing the standard old sales process return the call return an email, and sales were okay, but they could have been better. Because the problem used to be that people would inquire, they would be unresponsive, they we couldn't get back in touch with them. And maybe that's because they found someone else. Or maybe it was just because they didn't feel like they were getting the love that they deserved. In that pre sale environment.

Have you ever experienced that when you've inquired with someone, maybe this front end sales process is something that could be improved. And Amber, I don't know what your business is. But if it's a professional service, this is an absolute game changer. Since investing in the DIY program and understanding how to use video very quickly, we're now able to turn around a video reply, which has changed the game in terms of our sales conversion.

So let me frame the situation. A prospective buyer inquires it usually comes in for us as a email, it's not uncommon that a sales process for us is quite lengthy and, and we effectively for me like that prefer. So that's setting the stage a little bit. So when people inquire if they're really wanting something fast, they're wanting something straightaway, they're probably not the right fit. So we are using this mechanism as a way to try and slow them down a little bit, but also to show a little bit of a point of difference. So when they inquire, we now reply with a video within the hour, to not only show responsiveness, but also show humanisation personalization so that we actually care by sending a personalised video just for them.

This has had a amazing impact on our conversions, from people inquiring to them, booking a meeting, a 15 minute video call with me, people struggle with video full stop. But the understanding about how to use video in this way at that pre sales phase of their business is not even thought about right now. And so I want to take you through how we're doing it. And to give you some idea about how you might be able to implement this into your business as well. People who get this video reply from us from rich films, blown away by not only the the speed, but also the quality of the messaging and how it's actually all put together. And I think it's a lot to do with process. We're a big believer that we're winning on process.

Yes, the video is important. But also just the way that the whole mechanics of that pre sales phase is put together is pretty impressive, because the results are there. So let me tell you how it's done. So an inquiry comes through on email. And we reply with this message in video form. So let me take you through the script. I record personally for them and stick in an email as a reply, to get them to convert at this very early stage because I don't want to call them I don't want to waste their time, phoning them or waste my time phoning them without knowing a little bit more about what they're actually wanting first, and for us to actually meet face to face so that we can build some rapport. So here's the script that I go back with.

Hi, Amber thanks for your inquiry. I'm Chris, the Video Marketing Specialist here at Ridge Films. And we're looking forward to learning more about your business whatever that business is. I'm just about to go into a meeting and thought I'd quickly send you this video so I can help you best please book a time for a quick 15 minute video call using the link in this email because we'd love to learn more about your x y Zed videos and provide you with exactly what you need. Thanks Amber. We look forward to chatting with you.

Now that's a less than 30 seconds Yeah, it takes roughly about five minutes for me to load up that script, change the name change, the company changed inquiry within that script, and then recorded and implemented into the video, email and reply. Now, let's put things into a bit of context here. Because the script is one thing, the recording of the video is another thing. But also, the template of the email is another game changer, it's getting all of those little ducks lined up the 1%, as I like to call. And if you can do that, you will convert more sales.

The most important part about this process is it's minimising my time because I'm actually not spending any time trying to reply to the email or leaving voicemails or any of that stuff, I'm actually reaching out to them with a personalised human interaction in video form to say, hey, when it's convenient for you, why don't you book in and we can find a time mutual to both of us that's going to be suitable. And we can sit down for 15 minutes and make sure that we're both a good fit for each other. And that's such a better use of everyone's time, because then I can ascertain after that meeting, whether I'm going to send them over to Brendan and continue the sales process, or they would be better suited to a video marketing workshop.

Perhaps the timing is not quite right, just yet. So minimising time, I'm improving the sales inquiries, because the people that are legitimately wanting to learn more are actually booking in and going through that process. And therefore they're converting higher at a higher level. And they're converting faster, because they're blown away. It's such a great first impression. And so we've got them in the door, and then we have the meeting and then we send them across the brand and and then there's a whole other range of videos that we use throughout the sales process to help convert but this is very much the catalyst for that starting point conversation.

Have you ever wondered, why inquiry sometimes go nowhere? Well, perhaps it's because you don't have that reply inquiry video in your sales process. And it's something to really consider. It's something that we can show you how to do within the DIY program, or reach out to us and we'll help you.

Now just before we wrap up this week, if you want to learn how to convince decision makers in your business, through this go to and download our guide. We're always helping the business community become better video marketers so go to download and we'd love to help you convince your boss and Amber thank you so much for asking your question.

We know that video marketing can seem overwhelming knowing if videos actually help increase sales but if you use this method I've coached through to leverage your video marketing investment and to make sure that every dollar you spend is improving your bottom line I'm sure it's going to give you peace of mind and really help with what you're looking for in the first place away for your videos to actually increase your sales. And for everybody else out there trying to solve the mystery of video marketing your business what has you feeling overwhelmed on get coached? We are here to help you through it. Just submit your video marketing question to for your chance to get coached by me. Just go to and thanks very much for listening.


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