Breaking the Myths: 3 Misconceptions About Video Editing

Breaking the Myths: 3 Misconceptions About Video Editing (Episode 158)

video marketing podcast Jul 20, 2023

Are you torn between editing your own videos or hiring professionals?

Join host Chris Schwager (Video Marketer and Co-Founder of Ridge Films) in this episode of the Video Made Simple Podcast as he debunks common misconceptions and reveals the transformative benefits of relying on professional video editors. Discover the truth about video editing, gain insights into shaping your creative vision, saving time, maintaining brand quality, and cost-effective decision-making. Don't miss out on this opportunity to make an informed choice that maximises your video's impact.

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Video Transcription:

 Chris Schwager

Should you handle video editing yourself or leave it to professionals? Let's debunk some misconceptions and find out.

[00:00:12] I'm your host Chris Schwager and this is the Video Made Simple Podcast. There's a common belief out there that editing your own videos is the best way to go. But hold on just a moment.

[00:00:24] In this episode we're going to debunk some of the most common misconceptions surrounding self editing. We'll uncover the hidden pitfalls and highlight the reasons why relying on professional video editors can be a transformative decision for your videos. So let's dive into those misconceptions and uncover the truth.

[00:00:46] The misconception one, editing your own videos gives you complete freedom to shape your vision and brief your unique creative ideas to life. However, The reality is that video editing is a skill. Okay, so it's true, it's true, you'll be able to shape the freedom and do all of that and get creativity. It requires expertise and it requires experience. Collaborating with professional video editors can bring fresh perspectives and elevate your videos to new heights while still incorporating your creative input.

[00:01:22] The misconception two, editing your own videos helps you save money by avoiding the expense of professional editing services. Well, this one, yes, I'm very interested in this one. And if you're hearing a plane go by, it's because I haven't fully closed the windows today, this is what it's like when I've got windows open in my studio and it's late. So you might even hear some kitties in the background as they get bath time and have their bath time. Righto, let's crap on, I mean crack on.

[00:01:52] However, so what are we talking about? Okay, uh, editing your own videos helps you save money. Yeah, this is funny, right? Helps you save money, does it? Yes, well, yeah, maybe. Also, uh... can take a hell of a lot of time. This overlooks the fact that editing is a time consuming process. If you're not doing it every day, what the hell are you trying to do it for? Because accruing that skills, those skills really does require you to be doing it very regularly. It takes you away from focusing on your core business activities. If you're trying to edit in between the times and some people can say, Oh, yes, but it's good. I get a bit of a buzz from it and, you know, it takes me away from my core business.

[00:02:32] So it is kind of refreshing and different for a while, but investing in professional editing services can actually be a cost effective decision in the long run. It allows you to maximize the time and ensure high quality videos that align with your brand. You know, again, these are all grandiose kind of things, but ultimately I agree. You gotta think about the amount of time, and I won't say saved, I'll say wasted. Right, it is a time swallowing, pride swallowing activity.

[00:03:04] Misconception 3. Editing your own videos provides the freedom to work at your own pace and schedule, eliminating the need to rely on someone else's availability. Well, that's true, but while it's true, the... Self editing offers immediate access to footage, it can also lead to delays and the inconsistencies if you don't have the necessary skills and you're dealing with somebody that doesn't have the same experience or you don't brief them correctly. Outsourcing to professional video editors can provide a whole bunch of headaches but a whole bunch of convenience and flexibility you desire because if you get the brief right, they can have the expertise to effectively handle your editing needs.

[00:03:51] To sum it up, here's three reasons why leaving video editing to the pros can be the best decision for your business. One, Saves time and you get back to doing what you're doing best, running your business. Two, the video, your video maintains quality that reflects your brand. And three, it's a competitive process that saves money without compromising quality.

[00:04:16] So remember, while it is tempting to edit your own videos, it's essential to assess the impact it may have on your time, quality, and overall productivity.

[00:04:29] If you find yourself overwhelmed by everything I've just said and the editing process, our team of experts provide editing and publishing services to handle your video editing needs. Contact us to learn how to support your video marketing journey and don't forget to subscribe to our channel for valuable tips and insights on creating impactful videos. That's all for this episode. Thanks again for listening and see you next week.


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