4 Gifts You Should Give Yourself and Your Business

free video coaching Dec 20, 2021

At last! Christmas is just around the corner and we’ll soon be enjoying a well-deserved holiday. With all the rush coming in fast, businesses are experiencing the same whirlwind as do people making last minute gift-shopping. 

Speaking of gifts, have you had time to consider what it is you want right now? If all you’re getting is a vague “I wish my business will do better next year,” here are some things you might want to give yourself this time. 


1. Invest in yourself.



If you want to improve your business, invest in yourself. You’ll go by a mile more by learning new skills needed for the current trend. And the trend is that videos give businesses much more boost than any other form of content. A 2021 study shows that video marketing campaigns generate 54% increase in brand awareness compared to other styles of campaigns. And that 93% of marketers claim to have earned new customers from social media videos, thanks to the quality of information and graphics involved in. This opportunity is already a gift waiting to be unwrapped. And as the best asset of your business, you only need to level up and put your head in the game. It’s an exciting time to be a content creator as well as marketer. 


2. Hire professionals to solve your problems. 



Some things are better left to experts  than doing it on your own. Try to find out where the pain lies in your business and hire professionals to solve that pain. For example, if you’re planning to do a video marketing campaign without the knowledge on videos, it’s best to find professionals to do the work. 



They will save you time and money for the equipment they’re going to use, and the skill to make you look and sound like a pro on camera. This is also a more efficient way to handle two things at once - managing your business and creating your video. 

Another advantage of working with professionals is you get to understand the process. And if you’re willing to learn the steps, then maybe soon you can also do it on your own. What better way to learn than getting the right teachers, right? 


3. Share your passion to the world.



There’s nothing more fulfilling than sharing the fruits of your labor. And right now, the world is more than appreciative.  

Study show that 73% of buyers are influenced by a brand’s social media presence. Instagram is on track to becoming the fastest-growing platform to use video content as a means of driving sales. And that 8 out of 10 have purchased a piece of software or app after watching a brand’s video. 

Visibility is now about multiple touchpoints in multiple ways. You gotta market the video marketing. Get it to the world.


4. Connect with your clients


Follow up with the client's outcomes and be social. Research reveals that brands addressing the entire customer experience are experiencing 10% or higher annual revenue growth. 

Putting people first creates an opportunity for them to learn and become confident in their decision to purchase from you or avail your services. 

Because we don’t do it alone, and neither should you. 



May good opportunities come your way and have a very Happy Christmas and Auspicious New Year, everyone!


Written By: Christine Camarillo


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 Chris Schwager

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