Trick or Treat: Are You Haunted By Your Videos?

Trick or Treat: Are You Haunted By Your Videos? (Episode 80)

video marketing podcast Oct 29, 2021

Creating a video is just half the trick of video marketing. The magic comes full circle once you start sharing them across multiple platforms. Before you know it, your video will have reached its miles and soon, you're haunted by the idea that your video is outdated, old news, and as good as buried. Good thing there's one more trick up our sleeves to get you out of this one. 

Welcome to ‘Get Coached,’ the Video Made Simple podcast segment where you submit your video marketing questions and Chris will help coach you through them.

In this episode, Chris Schwager, Video Marketer from Ridge Films, will coach you through top three ways to diversify your videos and make them all new again. 

Learn how reusing, repurposing, and refashioning videos can expand your reach to your audience and grow your business. Because it's all about maximising your videos' potential to the fullest. 

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The horror, the horror. Welcome to Get Coached The Video Made Simple podcast where I make your videos a little less scary. This is the Halloween Special Edition. And I'm your host, Chris Schwager. And today's question is from Fernando. And Fernando wants to know, as I'm a little bit scared, how do I get my videos pumping. And we have three really good ways of doing that. Stop the music because I think this is really important right now, for you to hear these clearly.

Your videos need to be reused, repurposed and refashioned. And I'm going to take you through those three different areas right now. So let's talk about reused. Reusing your video content is about recycling. Don't assume that because you've put your VR onto social media or up onto your about us page that everybody's going to watch it, you really have to assume in this day and age that nobody has seen your video. So therefore, to recycle that content, and keep it moving on to social media, for instance, or keep putting it into your EDMs. And just from time to time, keep launching it, keep launching it. Make sure people see it. Your market will tell you if they've seen it too many times. Or they would ask you why you're continually recycling content. That's a very good guide and an indicator that perhaps you should stop and move on to something else. But recycling is really important that you do that. In today's landscape attention is scarce, you've really got to assume nobody has seen it.

Secondly, is repurposing and what repurposing is about is to get your video across as many channels as possible. So it's no longer enough just to have your video sitting on your about us page, for instance, or sitting on your YouTube channel. You really need to identify what are the opportunities to get your video into other channels. And often our clients don't understand what those channels actually are. And so getting to a workshop or helping us help you to understand what those channels are and all the availability for people to see your content is a really important process to go through.

So for instance, if you created a company profile video, don't think just to put it on your about page or your YouTube channel, think about it as a way you can actually include it into your email signatures or your staff have it in their email signatures. Your Sales Team have it at the start of their presentations that they might do live or face to face or even via zoom so that people can get a really clear understanding all participants in the meeting understand and are all on the same page as to what the company is capable of doing. You could use it on social of course, okay, use it in your email marketing. Okay, and proactively putting it in front of people is sometimes the best thing you can do just so you give clarity as to what the organization is capable of doing for them.

Third is to refashion content. Refashioning is to take older style content that might have data due to, you know, maybe you've got some old employees, you don't really want to show them any longer. Or in our case, we actually had a client that wanted us to take somebody out of their edit, because they'd passed away. And so it didn't seem very genuine, to be including somebody that had passed away several years ago, they wanted to continually use their video that had a lifespan of about 10 years on this particular video. So therefore, it was just a simple swap out that person and put it in a new one effectively. So that that video respectfully lived on for years to come and still was great in terms of delivering the right amount of information.

Re-editing videos could also be about cutting them down to shorter bite sized chunks, right. And then you can use them across for instance, social advertising, because you are using them kind of like tiny little vignettes, or little teasers, so 15 to 30 second teasers that you would lead your audience to the longer form content. So refashioning is about re-editing the content into a format that sometimes people will be more inclined to consume because perhaps it has a slightly alternate message or it has something that's a bit shorter and sharper a bit punchier. You know, a great example of this is to use video content. So a company profile video and breaking that into shorter 15 to 30 second vignettes to lead your audience into the longer form content for instance, you know, these are great little vignette type videos, it could be used as video ads across your social media. So you don't give your social media audience the whole video that might only go for 90 seconds but you don't give them the whole thing. You just leading them, sort of like little breadcrumbs if you like to the main content.

If you use these three techniques to get your videos pumping, you'll certainly get more eyeballs and more people knowing and doing business with you. Repurposing, reusing and refashioning your videos is one of the best ways to reach your audience and grow your business and nothing beats getting the support from Google's highest rated video company in the country to bridge that gap of knowledge and help you along your journey.

You can use Ridgefilms DIY Video Program, go to everything that I've talked about is included in that offering and it's really great solution for you if you want to do videos yourself and get an abundance of content out to your market and Fernando, thank you so much for asking your question. How do I get my videos pumping? And if you use these methods that I've coached through to generate more audience engagement, expand your reach, I'm sure this is going to be really helpful to increase your viewership and boost your sales. And for listeners, what has you feeling overwhelmed? Submit your video marketing question to for your chance to get coached by me thanks for listening and happy halloween!


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