Leveraging Personalised Video for Effective Marketing and Sales Communication with Jason Howes

Personalised Video for Effective Marketing and Sales with Jason Howes (Episode 157)

video marketing podcast Jul 10, 2023

Dive into the world of personalised video and its profound impact on modern marketing and sales communication.

In this insightful discussion, Chris Schwager (Video Marketer and Co-Founder of Ridge Films) and Jason Howes (Founder and Managing Director of Arrow Executive Sales) explore the role of personalised video in marketing and sales. They discuss the value of video assessments for understanding SEO performance and overcoming preconceptions. Discover the effectiveness of video reports in conveying information and building trust with clients. The conversation also covers various use cases, from personalised Christmas greetings to acquiring new clients and nurturing existing ones, made easy with DIY Desktop Studio where recording videos becomes as easy as flicking a switch.

Learn about the advantages of personalised touch points over mass emails and the importance of adapting to new technologies and trends. Join Chris and Jason as they share their experiences and insights on using personalised video to drive engagement, build relationships, and achieve business growth. 

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Video Transcription:

Jason Howes:

You know, I have a good understanding of, of where my clients are at and what the market conditions are. So I, I, at this stage, I prefer to do a single video and it might only be for a minute. Yeah. Um, but I think understanding yeah. You know, where your, where your clients are at and what they need right now is important for me.

[00:00:18] This is.

[00:00:29] Chris Schwager: So if you are on the YouTube channel, and you're looking at this right now, you'll notice that Jason is from Arrow Executive Sales because it's on the banner, the brand new banner behind Arrow. There he is. Look at him. Oh my God. That's fantastic. Hey Jason, welcome to the show. Did you have a nice break? Nice holiday.

[00:00:50] Jason Howes: I did. Thanks Chris. Yeah. Appreciate, uh, you having me on here. I apologize for, uh, a being late and b, forgetting about it.

[00:00:57] Chris Schwager: You've got 14 minutes. Don't waste time on this.

[00:00:59] Jason Howes: Yeah, so I was still there in the Greek island mode, so don't fire me up, man.

[00:01:04] Chris Schwager: Beautiful Greek islands. Tell me more.

[00:01:06] Jason Howes: Ah, mate, what can I say? Paradise. If anyone hasn't been, you gotta go. Loved it. Incredible.

[00:01:12] Chris Schwager: For those, for those that don't know you, Jason, and that's probably most people, including, you know, um, most people don't know us. So for people that don't know you please give 'em a little bit of a highlight.

[00:01:27] Jason Howes: Okay, so I've, well, my names is written down as legend here, which I was only joking with actually, I didn't realize it was gonna show up. Uh, but yeah, so, uh, look, I ha I have just come back from a European holiday with my daughters, which is fantastic. Uh, father of two lovely girls. Um, been in sales for 30 years and, uh, about five year, four and a half years ago, started the bit of a work life balance journey for myself, uh, helping companies, uh, improve sales performance, uh, helping them hire more quality salespeople and, uh, and, and, and also doing sales training and development.

[00:02:05] Chris Schwager: So, so work life balance gets thrown around like, Crazy, right? So just straighten yourself up a little bit. Little bit less headroom there, mate. Yeah, that's it. Get yourself in the center. That's, yeah, it's more like it. Work life balance. Tell me more. You know, because it's what, what's your interpretation of it?

[00:02:21] Because obviously obvious, Chris, you've got, just, just for a bit of a backstory, Jace has kind of sat in a workshop years ago. He was pretty excited. He wanted to do the home studio idea. We, we eventually had had, uh, you know, birthed it back in 2020 and it was like perfect timing. And now Jace is one of our biggest fans in Queensland and he runs a great sales, uh, coaching operation out of his living room. Uh, and he just has a pull up banner behind and he looks amazing and sounds amazing every, uh, video call. And, and he's done some amazing stuff for us. You would've seen him, if you'd been on the DIY video page, you would've seen him appear in the, uh, Why DIY video, which we're just so proud of. It just looks amazing. And Jay's had a really great um, part to play in that video. So, sorry to digress back to you Jace, on work life balance.

[00:03:21] Jason Howes: Yeah. Look, Chris, um, I, I know it's a fairly common, uh, we're throwing around, but I mean, after, you know, 20, nearly 20 years traveling the country and, and growing, growing business in the, uh, mainly in the manufacturing, building supplies market, uh, I'd, yeah, pretty well done my time, uh, I'd had enough of traveling, being in the airport probably three or four times a month. Mm-hmm. Uh, needed to be more present for my daughters. Mm-hmm. And, and just, uh, yeah, wanted to take some more control of my own, uh, career. So, I mean, for me, it's the best thing I did. Uh, was it easy? No way. I mean, anyone that says they're gonna start off by themselves is, is not easy. And then hence the reason why, you know, I think, um, yourself and, uh, Brendan and, and, uh, when we caught up in Sydney for a, for initial catch up, I think we, we were at seven hours we'd spent catching up. So, I mean, it's, uh, yeah. I think the fact that it's been great to talk to you guys because from, from my opinion, you, you always wanna be around industry leaders.

[00:04:20] Chris Schwager: Yeah. And what, um, what was like, so how long was, have you been on your own for?

[00:04:26] Jason Howes: Uh, four and a half years now.

[00:04:27] Chris Schwager: And, and what was that, what was that transition? So you said it was hard, but what was hard about transitioning into this kind of, um, you know, virtual, uh, version of the business? And when and when did you actually decide? Like, was that straight up from four years ago that you decided, okay, I'm gonna run this operation out of my living room?

[00:04:47] Jason Howes: No, not at all. Chris. I mean, um, well, when I first started I expected to be traveling, you know, a bit, but not as much as I was previously. And, and when I did some of those trips, I, I, I, the cost, the cost was huge. You know, it was, um, it was definitely, um, the, yeah, the cost of, um,

[00:05:10] Chris Schwager: Uh, you're wondering what the pausing is about is cuz I'm giving Jay stage directions to move him into the right part of the frame so our editor hasn't, doesn't have to reframe it.

[00:05:19] Jason Howes: Sorry mate. I'm a bit, bit, bit bit shuttered today.

[00:05:21] Chris Schwager: Just so you know, there, there's a beautiful before shot of Jace on the Why DIY Video before he invested into Hawaii.

[00:05:29] It was like a classic song. Yeah. Look,

[00:05:30] Jason Howes: I like you're taking the piss outta me and Chris and uh, it's so good. It's

[00:05:34] Chris Schwager: so good. I just wanna, I just wanna say this cuz it, because it was this blowout shot of Jace right in the bottom of this frame with all the big arrow branding above him. And the poor guy had no hope because, um, it was all about the brand, nothing about him.

[00:05:50] And he was this tiny little guy that sort, like, looked sort of short in the frame. And I'm so proud to see you under the, yeah, look. Well, you're a funny

[00:05:58] Jason Howes: bloke, Chris. And look, I mean, if I, if I go, if I go back to that situation, uh, you are talking about here, so pre covid, I mean, I was. Um, not doing video at all.

[00:06:07] Actually, I wasn't even really doing a lot of Zoom virtual calls. And so what happened, obviously, you know, with the lockdowns and stuff like that, like everybody else, I found myself with no option. But other than to, to focus on, um, doing more video and, and so I do live in beautiful Queensland, but unfortunately in beautiful Queensland, I.

[00:06:26] Uh, my main living area faced the west, so I get absolutely pounded by the sun in the afternoon. So what I was trying to do was do these videos, and the ones Chris talking about here is very funny because this, I looked like I was in a solarium, basically. Yeah. And, uh, that's right. I mean, it was, it was, it was so bright and, and, uh, so I actually did get some new blinds off my landlord.

[00:06:49] That made a difference. But again, for me, I was going, I can't handle all these. Situations and not being able to share video when I want. So I went out and I bought different things and tried everything. I think I made it like a little bit better, except for the one Chris has, um, taken it out on me. But I mean, look, for me, when I first met Chris, it was early days.

[00:07:09] It was actually pre covid, so I was in Sydney, went to the workshop, really enjoyed what he spoke about, wasn't ready for my business, but obviously, yeah, during covid. More virtual, more, um, zoom calls. And I just really wanted to have the best quality for my clients and I wanted to use video for more prospecting to generate leads and to build relationships.

[00:07:31] Cuz again, as you know, you know, building a relationship face-to-face is completely different to try and build a relationship over a virtual call. And that's, that's where I reached out to you. And again, as I said, we had that seven hour catch up. In Sydney and it was about, okay, well how can you help me?

[00:07:50] And then potentially, it then ended up, well, how can I help you as well? So we sort of formed this really cool business relationship that's now turned into mates cuz we, you know, pretty well, uh, you know, Chris is always paying me out and I like to return it where I can, but I mean, look. Yeah.

[00:08:07] Chris Schwager: So what's, what's changed in the world of sales?

[00:08:09] Because I think for a lot of people that don't have a front row seat, Like you do, but how have you seen sales change in, I guess, the last four years? I think it's a pretty pinnacle time where, you know, attention has been very much. Um, pressure tested, you know? Um, and uh, I was just kind of sifting through my inbox just moments ago going, fuck, man.

[00:08:33] You know what I mean? Like, I just gotta, I, I know that I, it's, it's, I know that I'm, I'm doing the wrong thing by sitting here and sifting through my own emails. I know that. And it's just, um, For me at the moment is taking the leap and going, right. I, Kev, you're just gonna have to be the human filter on this stuff.

[00:08:53] Like, do let you know the filters, do the job, but, but you are gonna have to be. You're gonna have to make decisions on my behalf here, because I can't sit down every day and be, you know, dilly ding through stuff. That's just not important for me. It's ridiculous. So anyway, I I sort of going off tangent there, but the, the original question is how has it changed?

[00:09:16] How have you seen sales change and I guess how have you adopted to, to the, to new. The new way of doing stuff.

[00:09:25] Jason Howes: Yeah. Look, it's a good question, Chris, and I think, um, what you're talking about there is that there's a lot of noise. I mean, every day you get bombarded with emails and uh, LinkedIn messages, uh, I mean, everyone that's trying to say you something you probably don't want.

[00:09:39] Uh, and look, it's, it's annoying because for people like ourselves that actually are. Reaching out to the right types of prospects and clients to try and actually help them with areas that we know that, you know, we can really offer a lot of value. We're sort of, you know, a lot of the times we're being disadvantaged by the people that are trying to sell your ice when you, you know, you live in the desert, so it's, and it's gonna melt.

[00:10:03] So, I mean, it, it's really, it, it's a, it's, it's tough. It's hard these days. I mean, um, To get through the noise. And I think that's why video for me has been much better because I've been able to really connect with my audience better and I'm doing something different. You know what I mean? And not only am I doing something different, but the quality of what I'm doing is, is a much higher level.

[00:10:28] So for me it's about, I think it's, it's come down to the quality of what you're doing now, not the quantity. So I think, um, You know, and that's where I think a lot of companies are, are, um, Uh, are, are trying to, um, do too much at the moment. It, it's, it's, they're bombarding everybody, which they're not targeting the right people.

[00:10:51] They're not saying the right messages. That's another big thing that I, I got out of working with you guys. It's, it's about creating, you know, good messaging that really hits through to those, those hard points where the businesses are struggling. So instead of talking about, The completely wrong thing. I mean, and our market moves very fast.

[00:11:10] The the market I'm operating in, I mean, so you have to be able to pivot to what's tough at the moment. Like for, for our business right now, recruiting has always been hard and it's gotta even tough, even tougher. So I mean, But again, from a sales point of view, um, the building industry with all the government grants and all the covid, that's been, uh, you know, um, activity that's been happening in construction, it's, there's a lot of companies that are not looking for sales training right now, even though they know they need it at the moment.

[00:11:40] They've sort of parked that. So for us, it's been trying to, uh, focus on the key areas that we know that people are. Uh, desperate to, to fix. So, and I think with the video, it's, it's made a huge difference. Even in particular, uh, a lot of the, um, you know, just general, instead of typing out a general email, it takes a lot of time.

[00:12:01] It's just quicker to jump on a, on a video and go, Hey mate, how are you going? Like, this is what we spoke about. This is what I'm thinking. You know, what's your thoughts on that? And, and, and the feedback. Yeah, no, please go. Yeah. And the feedback we're getting from our clients is, I'm time poor and Yeah.

[00:12:18] That's great. Videos are awesome. Yeah. Yeah.

[00:12:21] Chris Schwager: Yeah. I like it. It's a huge, it's a huge value add, but, uh, so you talk about replying quickly in, in emails to, to maybe questions asked, uh, just to make things a lot quicker and more efficient. I think that's a really smart, uh, smart approach to, to be leading with video.

[00:12:39] What other ways have you been implementing videos? You know, to, to keep. On top of things, I guess, and keep ahead of the, the

[00:12:49] Jason Howes: competition. Yeah. Look, um, we do a lot of assessments and evaluations to sales team. So what I do is actually when the results come through, instead of sending something that means not a lot to somebody, cuz there's so many figures and numbers and dashboards.

[00:13:04] Yeah. Yeah. I actually, I, I shoot a short video and I say, Hey look. Simplify, you know, here's a, here's a candidate, or here's the results on your sales team. Yeah, great. I'm gonna quickly run through that with you. And, and that's been a, a, a fantastic way to improve, uh, our, our results and our relationships with our clients.

[00:13:21] And, and another really good way is, From a management level is, you know, with your own employees, is actually, instead of typing out a long-winded email back to them, just shoot 'em a quick video and just say, Hey look, I've got this, I've got this result, or I've got this report. Yes, yes. Um, you know, here's my summary of the report.

[00:13:38] Yeah. And I can tell you what, once you go down that path, you won't turn back.

[00:13:43] Chris Schwager: Video can be expensive. So do you hack at it on your iPhone? Or do you go through the arduous process in some cases of cost and resourcing and liaising with a professional video marketing, and if you are sick of setting up your own video equipment and all the tech hassles that come with producing your own videos, Then there is a more streamlined way to present yourself professionally on your website rather than a crappy quality webcam.

[00:14:11] And you can do it from the convenience of your desk. It's called the DIY Video Program. The DIY video program allows you to create course content, send personalized sales, video and emails, record regular videos, social updates, and look and sound. Amazing in every video interaction with a single push of a button, yet professional gear and all the video coaching and editing, you need to supercharge how you sell, market and teach.

[00:14:36] Learn more and go to ridge films.com au slash diy. You know what, like, and it's so funny because. Uh, I, I reckon if you're a business that that does deliver a lot of reports to people, particularly to people that don't fully understand those reports. I mean, you've, you, if you are not doing video, man, you are a dinosaur because I just look at the last year that I've experienced with our SEO company, and that would be a situation where I wouldn't understand.

[00:15:07] You know, all of the jargon that they put in reports, and I, I, I take one snapshot of it. I see either red arrows going down or green arrows going up, and I make assumptions looking at that. And they are completely uneducated, uneducated. Look at that. I have, I really am not interpreting it correctly, so I don't really bother reading the reports I wait for.

[00:15:34] Jason Howes: Their

[00:15:35] Chris Schwager: video assessment, which is usually about five or six minutes long, to give me the big picture of what's happening from an SEO perspective. And actually it's funny because my, my impression, and it was in this particular situation this week, My impression based on what I saw in a report, I actually snapshotted it and took it to, sent it to a mate and said, oh, check this out.

[00:15:57] Like as if to slag it off. And he went, oh yeah, good. You're up on this. And I'm like, oh, okay. And then when I listened to the video report, From the SEO company. I was like, oh shit, this is, this is actually performing really well, except I don't know that I'm not an SEO expert. I need to be listening. And obviously I'm very heightened aware of, of seo, of seo and anybody that, you know, is trying to like, you know, tell me how amazing it is in, in reality, it's, it's dog shit and they're just trying to hold onto their, to their contract.

[00:16:32] But, um, but yeah, I, I just was. It's like, oh, you know, had he not done that in video and put an explanation around that, I would have my preconceptions about the performance to a point where at its detriment, do you know what I mean? Like to a point where I make has decisions about, uh, keeping it or not.

[00:16:53] And, uh, so I think that's amazing. And what, what else for you, Jace, have you found useful from a video perspective that, uh, you've seen really great positive results from?

[00:17:06] Jason Howes: Oh, look, Chris, I think, um, simple things, you know, instead of, um, sending out a, a Christmas card look, which there's no disrespect. I think it's good that people do it, but I mean, I, I, I better than do it than not, right?

[00:17:18] Yeah. Look, I, I actually shot some, um, some quick videos at Christmas time and I just said, you know, look, I'm wishing you, you and your family all the best for Christmas. Um, hope you have a great time off. Love to catch up with you early in the new year and talk about what's happening within your business.

[00:17:33] Yep. You know, have you had any changes? Is there any other, any areas that we might be able to do some work together? And I actually landed, uh, my biggest client this year so far out of that deal. And, um, look, I have known out the Christmas video. Yeah. Yeah. So, um, no, it's good. It's it. Yeah, so, and I've known this guy for, you know, oh God, so 20, you know, 28 years.

[00:17:55] But it's just that he's busy. He's a CEO of a large company. He's busy, he's got a large team. He's juggling a lot of balls and he just said, mate, thanks for your video. Really appreciate it. I'm back. At this time in January, let's catch up. Uh, caught up with him, had a coffee. Uh, we recruited someone for him straight away.

[00:18:15] We're doing another project at the moment. We're doing some other work with his sales team. So now look, I mean, that for me was a great result because, I've known, you know, Dave for a long time and we're, and we're actually mates, but I'd, I'd sort of, you know, the years go really quickly and you can lose tracks of, you know, all of a sudden you're like, wow, it's Christmas.

[00:18:33] So I'm actually, um, just about to do some midyear beginning of financial year ones as well. So Good. Good with people that I'm, and not only, um, for prospecting, but also for, for people that I'm already dealing with, Chris that are, that are clients. And I'm saying, Hey, look, you know, we haven't done anything for a little while.

[00:18:50] How's business going? How are you? Um, we've been working on some new areas. I'd love to share some information with you. Can we catch up? And, and, and, and I mean, that for me is really, uh, been a huge positive, uh, in particular just to turn the camera on and have that amazing, that good quality. Fantastic. And

[00:19:09] Chris Schwager: so I, I've got a little hairy question here for you, but I'm assuming your database is fairly small.

[00:19:15] Would, would I be right in saying that, like you, you service your, like a smaller data database kind of more frequently? Is that

[00:19:22] Jason Howes: about right? Look, yeah. Look at the, at the moment I do, Chris, I've got a large network, which I'm not benefiting from right now. But yeah, it's, for me, it's about quality over quantity.

[00:19:32] Yep,

[00:19:32] Chris Schwager: yep. And so with, with that in mind, I guess, uh, What is, I'm trying to discover the question here, but where do you value those personalized touch points over something like putting a email campaign out or doing a video and sending it out to your database? Kind of what, what's the gimme the breakdown, like, cuz I think a lot of people are, are kind of.

[00:20:01] Apprehensive about, you know, spending, spending time to, to personalize videos. I mean, one that, you know, they would believe that it'd take a lot. Of time, which I, I demonstrate daily that, you know, if a reply inquiry 32nd video takes me 10 minutes, I would be less inclined to be sending lots of them because, hey, I'm sending five and it takes me 50 minutes.

[00:20:21] That's a bloody long chunk of my day. But the reality is it's taking me two minutes and therefore I can bang out five in 10 minutes. Hey, I'm laughing. Right? Like, and it's because of this system and the process that we've implemented to be able to. Do that. Um, but again, we've got a database of maybe 3000 people, right?

[00:20:40] So not all, you know, and obviously a very mixed bag of, of people in there, right? Um, some, uh, actual people, actual clients, and others probably robots and stinky old dudes that don't even have a business from TikTok. Uh, I'm, I'm pointing the finger at you TikTok, but, um, Um, I guess, uh, back to back to the question, you know, if you had to choose between like a queer, uh, spending some time on getting a good quality newsletter together and sending that to the database, or hitting up, you know, 10 people via video, which would you choose?

[00:21:14] Jason Howes: Uh, look, Chris, I mean, I, I'm always trying different things within my business. Exactly what you spoke about are, are things that I've been looking at right now. So I mean, yeah, sure. I could do a generic video and then I could just copy in a short little introduction. Hey Chris, how you going? Good to, you know, how you been mate, and then carry on to my generic video.

[00:21:32] But I think for me it's about, you know, I have a good understanding of, of where my clients are at and what the market conditions are. So I, I, at this stage, I prefer to do. A single video and it might only be for a minute. Yeah. Um, but it's personalized. You know, I know them, I know their families, or I know their business, I know their team.

[00:21:51] So that's giving me more results. At the moment, I've never been a volume email person. Yeah. Good. I mean, I am doing some webinars at the moment where I'll do, you know, probably a hundred. I'll send out, um, yeah, which is more invitations, not video, but Yeah. Look for every business is different as you know.

[00:22:07] I mean, yeah, you've got 3000, well, you've probably got no choice but to, to probably make something a little bit more generic. But I think understanding, yeah, you know, where your, where your clients are at and what they need right now is important for me. Yeah,

[00:22:18] Chris Schwager: diversifying is, I'm always a huge fan. In fact, I'm just about to jump onto a pre-production meeting for a whole bunch of social media content for a client that I'm coaching.

[00:22:27] And you know, diversification is gonna be one of those discussions that we need to have because if you just keeps belting out the same video on social media, the same help video honk, okay, this week, you know this today I'm talking about blah. You know, with the same kinda look and feel. I think it might get a bit stale after a while, so, Potentially diversifying the, diversifying the, the, the content.

[00:22:47] But between text, image, video, uh, tactile marketing, and we are in trying at the moment straight to voicemail. Um, I was gonna maybe talk to you about it afterwards, but we've been tr testing it at the moment, which has been. Pretty positive, which, um, basically is, you know, upload your database and go and hit up, um, you know, your, your database with a, a generic message that basically drops straight into their voicemail.

[00:23:13] Yeah. Right. Okay. Yeah, that'd be interesting. Which is pretty interesting. I can hit Kev up for 50, go right. Go and send 50 op 50 that have opened up the, the recent EDM and, you know, getting some callbacks. Um, getting people calling you is nice. Um, and you've gotta kinda absolutely take, you gotta take care of the, the, the nurture, the, the call, because it can come in either cold or you know, somebody that you'd don't even remember.

[00:23:38] Um, but. It's an interesting activity. Um, very interesting activity. Again, something

[00:23:44] Jason Howes: different. Well, I think that's why I, uh, like the fact that, you know, we have a, a good partnership in our businesses because, I mean, it's, I'm, I'm very open to try new things. Some work, some don't. Yeah. Um, as, as, as we've said.

[00:23:56] And I think that's the thing at the moment. I mean, to stand out from the crowd. That's why I love a lot of the content you put out. You know, it's, mm. It's, it's quality and you're always willing to try something new. Actually, I just, uh, shot a video a minute ago for, I'm trying to fill a position up on the Sunshine Coast at the moment.

[00:24:11] Yeah, good. And I know you're probably not gonna like it, but I had a virtual background of me on the beach and, uh, you know, I'm trying to go, Hey guys, you know, the, the weather down south sucks. You know, it's like, it's like 12 degrees. You want to come up to mid twenties, you know, come. Come up to the Sunshine Coast, so, yeah.

[00:24:26] Yeah. I mean, I think that's the, that's what I'm messing around at the moment. Look, some people might go, you're an idiot, but look, I'm past that point, man. You know what I mean? Like, it's, uh, in business you've gotta try new things and you've gotta be willing to Oh, hundred percent. You know? A hundred

[00:24:39] Chris Schwager: percent.

[00:24:39] And, and what's, what's beautiful about businesses our size is that we can adapt. To these things quickly. Um, I think I, I, I will totally acknowledge at this point that businesses testing out new things, um, do it with caution just purely based on trying, um, to implement something that takes you a hell of a lot of time just only to end up, uh, not implementing it at the end.

[00:25:07] I think, I think that can be a heavy weight. On a bus, small business' shoulders if you like, but for things that you can quickly do to change and to adapt, I think is really, uh, fun. I, I mean, I have the luxury of having a team behind me to, to go and, you know, do all the back break, you know, on stuff. But, um, As you said, some work, some doesn't, but it's beautiful to be able to turn things on and off, uh, as you, as you are, as you like.

[00:25:42] And to to, to your point about Greenstone, I I'm, I'm becoming more and more passive about my approach to the world of video. Well, less discrim in, in some regards. And I know there's a lot of video companies out there that would say, oh, You know, it's fucking professional or it's nothing, you know, and I think that's a very limited mindset.

[00:26:02] Um, I think the market will govern, which, which way it goes. And for you to appoint, you know, green screen background, virtual background, uh, the way that you are doing it, it's not, there's, there's nothing wrong with. Trying to use an element of creativity to look different, uh, and to have something new and unique come across.

[00:26:27] You have the asset in front of you. You have the tool in front of you. I would rather you do that every day of the week than nothing. Or just boring style, style content. So, It's important, I think particularly with AI now starting to come into the mix of, you know, it's gonna disrupt editing, it's gonna disrupt, you know, a lot of, uh, video production, particularly around the script writing side of things.

[00:26:52] And I think it's worth acknowledging that it's, it adapt or die is, is the, the kind of, the, the rule of the day. Um, and to, to be less discrim about what businesses should and should not be doing with their, with their content. Because the reality is, look at the nature of video ads, right? That could be anything from a polished piece of content that's 20 ks worth of some video agency or digital agency.

[00:27:19] Putting that together versus someone lifting up their iPhone and going, right, righto, I'll put some money behind it. You know, like me talking for 30 seconds on top of funnel product, I wanna blast out and doing a hack. Video that cost them $0 and, and putting money behind it to, to get the reach out.

[00:27:39] That's the reality. That's, that's the, that's the, the, the, uh, nature of what we're actually dealing with here, which is exciting. Um, and I think the, it's exciting, I guess for us in, in that, you know, that there still a big problem around people's ability to. Get their message on to video in some. Fashion. Um, and of course the DIY studio is helping to support that, the whole program's

[00:28:09] Jason Howes: helping to support.

[00:28:09] Oh, look, I think you're right, Chris. I mean, at the end of the day, I mean, d I think, um, you know, there's, there's, if you are a trusted advisor and if you're an industry expert in what you're doing, you know, your market and the market's changing, you know, pretty well. All the time. Well, I mean, that's, that's where your expertise is gonna come into play.

[00:28:27] So I think, um, yeah, there's, there's gonna be a lot of benefits from, um, from a lot of the new technology, but you're not gonna replace, um, you know, knowledge and, and the fact that we can change fairly quickly, um, to try things out. So, I mean, that's what I love about working with you guys. It's at the end of the day, you're willing to have a, have a try at something.

[00:28:47] And, and we do it. And I mean, the quality of video that. I've had, uh, on my new website has been fantastic. I've had a lot of really good feedback about it, and, and I want to continue to develop that video more because again, I mean, a video done six months ago is six months ago. I mean, you know what I mean?

[00:29:07] Mm-hmm. Like there's, there's new challenges in the business owners and sales leaders are facing today that we need to be able to help them with. So, and I think that's the, the investment of, of the home, you know, DIY was, Can, you know, for my business was a lot of money. I mean, I certainly put myself outta my comfort zone, but at the end of the day, it was a long-term investment that then allows me to be able to do new videos and quality content from a website and a social at any point.

[00:29:35] Um, you know, where, where a lot of companies, as you know, they might do one video for their corporate video and then they're like, That's right. I've paid a lot of money. Yeah. You know, but, but now I'm stuck with it cuz I've paid so much money I get, but it's not, but it's, but it's not, but it's not talking the right, um, language anymore.

[00:29:51] You know what I mean? Mm-hmm. Because, because the market's changed so.

[00:29:54] Chris Schwager: Well, well, well, yeah. And, and the, the, the cost versus investment too. That's not really the right language either, you know? It's like, well, it's cost a lot of money, but the reality is you've, you've been able to do a shit load of stuff, right?

[00:30:07] Yeah. And you, and you do it at will. There's, there's not a lot of people that have that flexibility to be able to do that. And have the Oh, totally. Intuition to be able to execute when, whenever they feel like it. Right. Yeah. And, and that's the thing. And I, I, I Pressure test. Oh, not pressure test. I just asked a client while I was doing an install one day, you know, what's the price point like for you?

[00:30:26] And they were like, it's fucking awesome. I said, I just paid 22 grand for five professionally shot videos. Absolutely. Yeah. And I'm not that happy with them. Yeah. These are five videos that. That's it. Like there's no guarantee on ROI on those five videos. I mean, our guarantee to people on professional video content is, is look, you're gonna get a minimum three year lifespan and really on the stuff that we're producing, I mean, it's five years, it's five years minimum.

[00:30:52] You know, it's only if shit gets stale and. You know, gray hairs, more gray hairs come in and people change, you know, staff change. What are you trying to say, Chris? Don't worry man. I'm gray, man. Don't you worry. But yeah, I just so you know, we've increased the price by the way, um, as well. So thanks. But we've also increased the incentive for partners, um, as well.

[00:31:14] So there's a higher ticket item on commissions on. Selling the, uh, D Y B D O program. So I might talk to you about that another time. Look, I mean, up on,

[00:31:25] we,

[00:31:25] Jason Howes: uh, go on. Yeah, sorry. I mean, we, we, uh, we are working with a really good client at the moment that, that as soon as they saw what we're doing and, and, and what, uh, Ridge do they, they signed up straight away.

[00:31:37] So, I mean, and, and that, that for me is fantastic cuz I mean, yeah, if I can. Provide my clients with the tools to succeed. Well then that, for me, that's a win. So, I mean, and, and I didn't tell you this, but I mean, I actually had a, had a photo from, um, the client we're talking about on the weekend, actually. It was, uh, Saturday.

[00:31:56] And here these guys were celebrating their record year of sales. Yep. Uh, having a beautiful glass of red that I bought. Nice bottle of Penfolds Oh, nice. And some really nice glasses that I sent them. Yeah. Yeah. So, I mean, that, that for me was, it was brilliant. I, you know, yeah. It made my weekend and, and I think, um, you gotta invest in your business.

[00:32:16] Um, yeah. You know, you have to be. And I think that's, for me, last year for me, I spent a massive amount of money on marketing. Mm. Um, but at the end of the day this year, I'm like, Hey, this is awesome. You know what I mean? I'm ready to go. That's right. I've got the tools to succeed. Yeah. Yeah. Uh, look at, at the end of the day, I think, um, we, the objective management group, which we're an Australian partner for, they've just completely rehauled all their assessments, all their evaluations.

[00:32:42] So because they know that people have less capacity to focus than what they did years ago. So, I mean, at the moment it's all about, New reporting, it's much simpler. Uh, it's easy to digest. And now the, the, the beauty about me having the setup here at home is that for, for me to explain these new reports and how they work to my clients, basically what I'm gonna do is that when they start coming through, just jump on a short video and I go, Hey guys, here's the new reports.

[00:33:11] They look fantastic. This is how it works. And then they will understand it much better because if I asked them to watch an hour webinar or something, they wouldn't do it. So, I mean that's the thing. I think if it's under two or five minutes, you've probably got a chance as long as it's relative to, to what's of interest to them.

[00:33:26] Chris Schwager: Yeah. Yeah. Jayce, thank you so much for, for your insights, man. I know we'll have fun catching up next week for our coaching session, getting back on board with that for video coaching. So thank you again for your time today. It's been awesome having a chat.

[00:33:39] Jason Howes: No, appreciate it Chris. All the best mate.


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