Positive First Impressions using Video in Property with Jay Anderson

Positive First Impressions using Video in Property with Jay Anderson (Episode 5)

video marketing podcast Mar 16, 2020

Most of the time, DIY investors end up with poor investments and that scares them because they don't get the results they want. Researching the right property can be pretty daunting if you go it alone and yet property is the most valuable asset you'll ever purchase.

Video legend Jay Anderson from Jay Anderson Property gives us his perspective on creating a more humanised business and how he’s leading the way with video marketing.

"As soon as you start getting technical, people might not understand, and it goes straight over their heads. It's about injecting some empathy, simplification and making it easy. Be simple, talk to your lowest common denominator and talk like you're at a barbecue. Just be cool and don't try and be too technical, robotic, wordy or clever, because otherwise you'll lose them and it's very important to build that trust and rapport early on."



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