5 Ways to Repurpose Videos for Maximum Reach

5 Ways to Repurpose Videos for Maximum Reach (Episode 87)

video marketing podcast Dec 17, 2021

You have a great video at hand that has all the ingredients to be a hit in the market and yet, it’s not living up to its potential. There’s low engagement and reach is limited. Now, you’re pressured to create a brand new video content to keep up with social media’s algorithm.

Welcome to 'Get Coached', the Video Made Simple podcast segment where you submit your video marketing questions and Chris will help coach you through them.

In this episode, Chris Schwager, Video Marketer from Ridge Films, will coach you through five ways you can repurpose your videos to get a better reach of your audience and increase conversion rate.

Listen to understand the potential of one video and getting its core message. Learn how you can leverage them across multiple platforms. Don’t leave your videos hanging. Make it work for you.


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Welcome to the Video Made Simple podcast. I'm your host, Chris Schwager. And today's Get Coached question is from Alan and Alan wants to know is what are the different ways to repurpose videos to grow your reach faster? This is a great question because learning how to repurpose your videos will help more people find and engage with your content, and at the same time will give your audience the opportunity to learn more about your business. Alan, great question.

Let me start by saying if you have engaging videos that you have properly curated for distribution, but your reach is somehow falling short, and engagement is scarce, then this is a great episode for you. If you feel the pressure to put out more fresh content that you know will fall into this same pattern, which starts to stress you out then this is the episode for you. Strategy first, then the video. Don't let one video sit for too long in your marketing without finding: a. its core message, and b. its way to repurpose it over and over.

Content repurposing involves taking a core piece of information out of your video and creating multiple pieces of content from it. This is a really great and important tip that will allow you to leverage your content for years to come. So let me take you through five tips that I think are going to really help you a lot on your journey Alan.

One, make shorter video clips from your longer video and share them on social media. So for instance, an example of this would be a 90-secondnd company profile video that you would then break into 15 to 30 seconds shorter clips as a result. Now this can be done in scripting, which is probably a better way to go. Because then you can really work it all out before filming and before the editor gets involved, or you can do it after. But you kind of get what you get by then cutting out what content you do need and making it work in a social media environment. So effectively, you're kind of creating little short trailers if you'd like to the main feature, which is still only very short. But we know that social media attention is quite scarce. If you do decide that you can use it as an ad, for instance, on LinkedIn, then you would just give them a little teaser to get them to the main area once they hit your landing page to gather more information.

Let's go to number two now make infographics out of your video. So that's a great idea. I like just slowing things down and going into stills and things that are a bit more interesting. But you can make just simple little graphics out of your video, you don't need to always need to be talking head content. So there are so many great ways that you can turn your content into fresh and new looking content. You've done all the work in your company profile scripting, for instance, why not go with infographics or an audiogram in fact, you could do that which is often a very great technique for turning something like video into audio and still making it work as video on your social media pages. Now you might have seen audiograms, they are effectively like a static image but with like a waveform and all you're hearing is the narration over the top that is an audiogram, keep an eye out for that it's sometimes appears in our feed on our LinkedIn profile.

Number three, convert video into a blog post. Again, if it's longer video, why not right? It's so easy these days to get transcriptions made, you might have to run your eyes over it just to make sure that everything's accurate. But however, you can go and repurpose that. It's so valuable to do that. Because obviously social media and also Google searching is done. And they're looking at all that copy as a way to understand what is relevant to the search engine. So transcribing is important to get that blog post is a great way to establish some trust by putting out an article that is relevant to the topic that you're trying to get across.

Now four, turn your video in to a podcast. Now this might be something that you have thought about but not executed. Now, I've been going on this podcast for 18 months, there is a lot of work that goes on in the background that you would never think really happens. But it is for us all about how do we record once and distribute in many different areas as possible. So this one single recording, for instance that you're listening to right now is four cameras of video that gets re-edited down to social media content, blogs, EDMs that goes across all of our social clips. It is constantly getting recycled out to the market. Now if it's important and it's great content, why not right? And if you're interviewing someone and they've got some really good juicy information, hey man, get it recorded in as many different ways as possible.

Let's talk about five and that is about repurposing your educational videos and using them as email content. Now, I touched on this a little bit earlier, but it's effectively Hey, you could take something that is a behind the scenes of a process or your methodology or something that you might even do all that kind of loom video or screen recording or something like that and turn it into email content. And that's really great. It's really important. You'd be surprised at how many people would be interested in seeing that.

But we don't credit ourselves enough for creating this content. And you would be very surprised people will want to see that. And it's just about making sure that the message is clear, the purpose of the video is clear. And that you are sending it to the right audience.

Examine your videos' core messages, you know, you'll be able to break them down into little nuggets of wisdom that you can explore in different ways across multiple channels, adjusting these messages to the right platform, you'll be able to share it to your target audience for years to come. And now that you have a vault of video content that you can use over and over, without stressing you out or out creating new content, you'll be able to create a following as your constant distribution of content will finally make its way to the right audience.

And look, Thank you, Alan, for asking your question. What are the different ways to repurpose videos to grow your reach faster? And if you're using these methods that I've coached you through to generate more audience engagement, expand your reach. I'm sure this is going to be hugely beneficial and increase your viewership and boost your sales. And for listeners, what has you feeling overwhelmed? Submit your marketing question to ridgefilms.com.au/question for your chance to get coached by me that's ridgefilms.com.au/question and thanks for listening.

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